Swedish Wahlberg & Selin Satellite locator RC3000 Antenna Controller unit

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The RC3000 antenna controller is designed for use with elevation over azimuth antennas on mobile satellite uplink vehicles. The RC3000 assists both the technically-oriented and the non-technical operator of a mobile satellite antenna system by automating the process of locating and locking on to a particular satellite. This process can be time-consuming due to several factors. For each shoot, the antenna may be located in a different location, with its own local magnetic variation, and oriented in a different direction. Since the beamwidth of the antenna is extremely narrow, the elevation and azimuth pointing angles require a significant degree of accuracy to even be in the neighborhood of the satellite.

The design and function of the RC3000 is derived from two other proven antenna controllers from Research Concepts Inc.: the RC8097 satellite locator and the RC2000C tracking antenna controller. This pedigree allows the RC3000 to automate all operational steps within one piece of equipment. First, a microcontroller based calculator function provides an accurate pointing solution through a collection of sensor data. The RC3000 then uses the data from the sensors to accurately steer the antenna to the calculated azimuth and elevation angles. The RC3000 also optionally automates the function of tracking inclined orbit satellites.

PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE MANUAL. Due to the complexity of the functions performed by the RC3000, time invested in understanding its installation and operation will be well spent

Swedish Wahlberg & Selin Satellite locator RC3000 Antenna Controller unit

Technical Details

The RC3000 antenna controller is designed to automate the operation of mobile (both vehicle mounted and deployable) mounts. Features provided include:

- Automatic azimuth and elevation pointing solution calculation

- Optional GPS receiver for determination of antenna latitude and longitude

- Optional fluxgate compass for determination of antenna centerline heading

- Optional automatic tracking of inclined orbit satellites

- Automatic polarization control of rotating feeds

- Battery backed-up non-volatile memory for storing satellite locations and configuration data - Automatic repositioning to stored satellites

- Slim 2U rack mounted unit

- Continuous monitoring of antenna drive status

- Optional RS-422/-232 remote control interface

- Support for C, Ku, Ka, L, X - band satellite operations

- 4 row x 40 column Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for user interface

- 16 key keypad for data entry

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