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audio video delay synchroniser

audio video delay synchroniser

Audio and Video Delay Synchroniser:

An audio video delay synchroniser is a broadcasting tool that helps fix the relative timing error of a sound and image during transmission. In the TV production terminology, the term lip sync (audio-video delay synchronization) is expressed in the amount of time the audio or video from a channel that didn't perfectly synchronize with the number of leads. This results in a lag between both mediums. If you're working on a professional broadcasting studio and you're facing lip sync on your most basic transmission, then it is time that you invest in some audio synchronizer and video delay synchronizer.

Audio Synchronizer:

An audio synchronizer is a device that automatically adjusts the frequency delay in your transmission. The delay can happen for many reasons including source delay, traffic junction, some sort of medium, and space. Bs broadcast provides an array of both audio and video synchronizer products. Now you don't have to wait for unwanted transmission delay. Everything is seamlessly handled by the equipment.

Video Delay Synchronizer:

A video synchronizer is helpful in such a condition when your audio feed is perfect, but your picture quality is somewhat laggy. It is a fairly common term that you can still feel in most live broadcasting transmission. The video delay synchronizer equipment perfectly aligns the audio and video feed in a seamless way, which in turn reduces the lag.

An incorrectly synchronized transmission results in a lot of data loss. Sometimes the packet can be lost in-between both audio and video which results in a black screen of death.

Audio video Delay Synchroniser:

Bs broadcast deals in top of the line audio and video synchronization equipment for your day to day tasks. Our products are aimed to provide specialized re-synchronization and ensure seamless transmission between two or more mediums. Each of the products is compatible with modern technology codec used in both common TV and satellite transmission. We ensure that your air continuity is accused by any fail-safe bypass relays.

The products offer auto-resynchronization, which is a fine addition if you can't handle both the transmission and these correction delays. Some range of products also comes in a reporting system that carefully reports where the problem arises.

You can find both used and new audio video synchroniser at Bs broadcast, ranging from most convenient prices as compared to the market. Shop now and get the best products at the sale price.
Brand: 360 Systems Model: 2470HD
The 360 Systems Maxx 2470-HD Broadcast Time Delay is a professional-grade device designed for broadcast applications to introduce controlled time delays in live television and radio broadcasts. This equipment is particularly useful to prevent the broadcast of inappropriate or undesirable content..
AES/Analogue Audio Synchronization Delay Synchroni AES/Analogue Audio Synchronization Delay Synchroni
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Brand: BEL Audio Model: 8150
The cost effective Bel 8150 audio delay is designed specifically for synchronizing audio to video in post production areas where video delays result from VT editing and video effects units. It is intended for use where the video delay is known and is likely to be constant, or when frequent changes o..
AirTools RC-6000 Remote Control for 6000 and 6100
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Brand: Symetrix Model: RC-6000 Remote Control
The RC-6000 Remote Control from AirTools is an accessory remote control that permits producers or on-air talent to control the main functions of the 6000 or 6100 Broadcast Audio Delays.The main functions of the delay include Exit, Start, Cough and Dump. It also fea..
Brand: BEL Audio Model: 7120
Bel 7120 audio Delay / Synchroniser2 channel balanced audio in (XLR) and also 2x balanced outputs (XLR)9pin GPIalso1u Rackmount 240 volts.Bel 7120 analogue audio Delay /Synchroniser ..
BEL 7150 AUDIO DELAY Synchronisation  2 ch,  10.4s BEL 7150 AUDIO DELAY Synchronisation  2 ch,  10.4s
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Brand: BEL Audio Model: 7150
The BEL 7150 is a stereo analogue and AES audio delay system. The unit was designed to resynchronise audio to video following processes such as standards conversion, video F/X, video synchronisation, satellite transmission, synchronising digital radio networks etc.The BEL 7150 provides 0-10.4 Sec..
Brand: BEL Audio Model: 2120
Bel Digital 2120 Analogue/AES/SDI audio ShufflerThe Bel Digital 2120 can process any combination of analog, AES or SDI audio signals and simultaneously output the result in any of these formats. The audio can be routed, mixed, inverted and level shifted. A headphone monitor jack is also prov..
Brand: BEL Audio Model: 7150
Bel Digital 7150 Analogue/AES Audio Delay SynchroniserThe BEL 7150 is a stereo analog and AES audio delay system. The unit was designed to resynchronize audio to video following processes such as standards conversion, video F/X, video synchronization, satellite transmission, synchronizing digital..
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