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Dolby Professional Products

Dolby Professional Products

DOLBY Professional Products:

Dolby Laboratories continued to provide us with state of the art development equipment in the broadcasting technology. The company has provided an array of different product categories, well- suited for your every need. Dealing in both the latest technology and a vast variety of media support, the company guarantees to provide an extended result for the years to come. Dolby products are designed with special prototype units that are carefully tested in different sub-levels to provide maximum results. Not only this, the products are backward compatible, providing space for your investment.

DOLBY Decoder:

Dolby Laboratories provide us with different Media and digital decoders. Most of the Dolby Media decoder are computer-based software application that provides encoding in all audio formats. The software ensures that there's no delay in the picture and audio format. The Dolby E Decoder is designed to transit DTV broadcasters from 2-channels to multichannel audio feeds. Depending on the device, you will receive different high-quality audio channels plus Dolby Digital Metadata for advanced results. This increases the extended capability of a video server including a satellite, digital videotape, external fiber, and an audiotape. You can easily integrate it into a postproduction facility.

DOLBY Program Optimizer:

The Dolby Program Optimizer aka the DP600 is a file-based workflow solution for loudness normalization engine. The device can decode, encode, covert, transit, and transcode Dolby Digital, Digital Plus, and Dolby E Models.

The advanced algorithm used in the system makes it a legacy system for 5.1 channel delivery. This is the current standard of most audio feeds used in broadcasting fields like concerts, theaters, and media centers. The device also supports different media formats and integration for IPTV, Satellite, OTT, fiber cable, and postproduction environment.

The Dolby Program Optimizer base model is capable of providing real-time file-based encoding and decoding. Customers interesting in the product can also buy the software program to manage the built- in setting and the conversion report. You can also manage the transcoder to minimize tandem coding and preserve metadata.

At BS Broadcast, we have both new and used Dolby Digital products. Ranging from Decoder to E Tri-level Sync interface to program optimizer, you can find all your favorite products under one roof. We offer original broadcasting equipment with company labeling on each side. Not only this, our prices are already lower than the market. Shop now and get your favorite Dolby professional Products and other broadcasting equipment from Bs broadcast.

Brand: DOLBY
DOLBY DP572 E Decoder Dolby E Decoder is designed to ease the transition by DTV broadcasters and program producers from two-channel to multichannel audio. The DP572 decodes up to eight channels of high-quality audio, plus Dolby Digital metadata, from a Dolby signal encoded on a single AES3 p..
Brand: DOLBY Model: Dp579
The DP579 Dolby E Tri-Level Sync Interface allows high-quality Dolby E multi channel audio and metadata to be stored on 24-frame systems using existing DP571 and DP572 Dolby encoders and decoders. Applications include postproduction for DTV, electronic cinema, telecine, and archiving. The DOLBY DP5..
Brand: DOLBY Model: DP600
The Dolby® Program Optimizer DP600 includes the world's first intelligent audio analysis and automated loudness normalization engine. It has the ability to encode, decode, convert, and transcode Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus™, and Dolby E.The Dolby DP600 also features a unique algorithm for upmi..
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