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All stuff which we are selling is used.

About Us

BS Broadcast is the UAE’s only one-stop shop for used and refurbished broadcasting equipment. Home to the only inventory of used, refurbished and demo equipment in the Middle East, we buy and sell high-quality used broadcast and AV equipment to radio and TV customers primarily in the Gulf as well as other parts of the word.

We source our equipment from premier broadcasters in the region and employ an efficient team of engineers to refurbish and service the gear we have acquired before selling them. All used broadcast equipment comes with a three-month warranty.


BS Broadcast has already successfully provided integrated solutions and equipment to end users in U.AE, Egypt, India, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Turkey.

Having established a firm foothold in the Middle East and Asia, BSBroadcast is constantly looking to extend its portfolio of equipment and solutions through partnerships with leading European and American used equipment dealers

Muhammad Irfan, who has worked in MENA region to build broadcast facilities from scratch, established BS Broadcast in 2016. On this journey, Irfan identified a need among customers for revamped and restored equipment at lower costs. Additionally, Irfan has been active in the Middle East and South Asian broadcasting industry since 1999 and has developed a vast network of contacts that came with requirements for used equipment. 


In essence, BS Broadcast was born out of these demands and presently serves customers worldwide. Having a base in the UAE has helped facilitate easy shipment across the globe.


Our inventory includes an extensive range of 3G/HD/SD equipment including playout servers, satellite antennae and terminals, RF modulators, frequency converters, multiplexers, HPA, SPG, waveform monitors, up-converters, routers and switchers, and more from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Orders can be placed via, which serves as the premier site to trade your equipment. Whether rotating out your existing equipment, or clearing out your storage area, can assist you in securing maximum value for your investments. Should you want a quote for your used systems cameras, broadcast lenses, mixers or SR decks, please contact our trade sales team.


Trade-in facility


BS Broadcast offers potential clients with a trade-in programme, allowing customers to swap their existing equipment for exchanges or discounts. We continuously expand our stock, thereby serving a growing list of customers worldwide. Television and radio stations, and other production houses can participate in the trade-in scheme allowing them to exchange existing equipment at a discount.

After-sales Service and Support

Our professional staff are at hand to manage large quantities of renovated stock to ensure customers receive top-notch service at reasonable rates and at all times.


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