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P.O. Box 32429,
RAK Media City,
United Arab Emirates.
Tel: +971 505686786
Whatsapp: +971 505686786

We buy your equipment
We bring to you our expertise and experience in the video-broadcast market to allow you accelerate and secure the selling process of your equipment. The transaction will be under the market prices.


Why choose us ?
Take advantage of our large customer & partners database by trusting us for trading your used equipment. We review your equipment by our professional broadcast maintenance to avoid you any problems of after-sale returns.


Any brand / model
We buy your used video-broadcast equipment from all brands like SONY, PANASONIC, JVC, CANON, FUJINON, ANGENIEUX, SACHTLER, VINTEN, GRASS VALLEY, THOMSON, IKEGAMI, CARTONI : Tripods, Monitors, Camcorders, Studio Cameras, Lenses, Videomixers, and more...


Send us a quote
Don't hesitate to send us your equipment list & details with pictures, hours meter, serial number and all the details you can by e-mail at

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