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AirTools RC-6000 Remote Control for 6000 and 6100 Broadcast Audio Delays
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Brand: Symetrix Model: RC-6000 Remote Control
The RC-6000 Remote Control from AirTools is an accessory remote control that permits producers or on-air talent to control the main functions of the 6000 or 6100 Broadcast Audio Delays.The main functions of the delay include Exit, Start, Cough and Dump. It also fea..
Symetrix 628 Digital Voice Processor Symetrix 628 Digital Voice Processor
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Brand: Symetrix Model: 628
OVER A DECADE AGO SYMETRIX INTRODUCED THE VOICE PROCESSOR to the audio industry. Now Symetrix unveils the 628 Digital Voice Processor, our latest design to meet the needs of vocalists and voice talent. The 628 rolls a premium quality microphone preamplifier, 20 bit A/D and D/A converters, de-esser, ..
Brand: Symetrix Model: 88192
The 88192 from Lucid is an eight-channel analog to digital and digital to analog converter and provides eight-channels of AES/EBU and eight-channels of SMUX2 ADAT digital audio to and from the host at sample rates of up to 192kHz.The converters display extremely low distortion an..
Brand: Symetrix Model: 6100
Symetrix Airtools 6100 Broadcast Audio Delay with panelis a device used to delay broadcast audio for obscenity control or talent breaks. When activated this unit will delay programming up to 40 seconds. It features an Automation Control Interface, Digital Audio I/O and time code input and output.Aut..
Brand: Symetrix Model: RC-1
AirTools RC-1 is an accessory remote control for the 6200 Digital Voice Processor. The RC-1 provides limited control; it al- lows the user to select and load the eleven user-selectable sequential Programs of the 6200. The RC-1 also makes provision for selection of a BYPASS function, which is Pro..
Brand: Symetrix Model: symnet edge
Edge scalable hardware partners with Composer open architecture software for total design synergy. Networked audio connections use Dante protocol for ultra low latency. Multiple end user control options complete the system. Features: Four configurable I/O card slots, ..
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