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Brand: AVITECH Model: MCC-8004UE
OUTING & PRODUCTION SWITCHER, AND TALLY / UMD SUPPORT & INTERFACES Avitech Multiviewers support a variety of routing switchers, production switchers, tally management systems, as well as dynamic Tally / UMD interface support for the following manufacturers: Routing Switchers: ..
Brand: AVITECH Model: VCC-8004V
li.li1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} span.s1 {font: 10.0px Menlo} ul.ul1 {list-style-type: disc}Up to 32 DVI-I and 32 CV and SD/HD-SDI video inputs in cascaded systemsDVI/VGA outputsSequoia-Station 104/204 adds keyboard and mouse control..
Brand: Decimator Model: DMON-16SL
The Decimator Design DMON-16SL 16 Channel Multi-Viewer with HDMI Output for 3G/HD/SD is a versatile video processing device commonly used in professional video production and broadcasting settings. It's designed to simplify the monitoring of multiple video sources by displaying them on a single ..
Brand: Evertz Model: 2430RX2-10G
EVERTZ 2430RX2-10G Uncompressed Video Over IP to HDMI and SDI ConverterThe 2430RX2-10G is a versatile dual-path uncompressed SDI over 10GbE to HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort processing converter. The 2430RX2-10G can be used to convert uncompressed video over IP, including ASPEN, SMPTE 2022-6, and SMPTE ST 211..
Model: 3067VIP10G-3G-HW
Evertz 3067VIP10G-3G-HW 10GE Multi-Image Display Processor with Back panel testedThe 3067VIP10G offers multiview functionality with up to 32 inputs of processing and up to 2 output, all via 10G streaming physical interfaces. The 3067VIP10G- J2K-HW displays inputs at any size, aspect ratio and positi..
Brand: Evertz Model: 570FR
Evertz 570FR 3RU Compact High Density Distribution Frame with 2x 570PS and 570FCplease note that the  570IPG-3G18-SFPP12 not included which are shown in phots. ..
Brand: Evertz Model: 570IPG-3G18-SFPP12
Evertz 570IPG-3G18-SFPP12 18 3G/HD/SD IP Media Gateway with back module..
Brand: Evertz Model: 7767VIP4-HSN
EVERTZ 7767VIP4-HSN 4 INPUT HD/SD/ANALOG/DVI HD MULTIVIEWER with BACKPLANEThe 7767VIP4 signal monitoring module simultaneously accepts, auto-detects, analyzes and displays four synchronous or asynchronous HD/SD/Analog video signals. A fifth input is a computer graphic input for display of a dynamic ..
Brand: Evertz Model: 7867VIPA12-HSN
Evertz 7867VIPA12-HSN 12 Input Multi-Image Display Processor Multiviewer HD SDI..
Brand: Evertz Model: 7867VIPA32-DUO-HS-DIN-CSX
EVERTZ 7867VIPA32-DUO-HS-DIN 32 inputs auto-sensing HD SD dual output uses DINThe VIP Advanced DUO is the most advanced compact multi-image display processor technology available. It supports up to 3Gb/s SDI inputs and up to two unique display outputs. The VIP-A DUO takes compact multi-image disp..
Brand: Evertz Model: 7867VIPM16-DUO-3G
EVERTZ 7867VIPM16-DUO-3G 16 inputs auto-sensing analog SD/HD/3G dual display outputThe 7867VIPM series is the latest addition to the Evertz® award winning multiviewer product line. With outstanding image quality, and an industry leading feature set, the 7867VIPM series is a powerful, compact mult..
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