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Brand: Avid Code: BS20829
Avid S6 systems typically require an external power supply or power distribution unit to operate. The power supply for an Avid S6 system is not a si..
Brand: Avid Code: BS20828
Avid S6 Automation Module with the part number "9100-65496" is designed for use with the Avid S6 mixing console system, specifically with the M40 co..
Brand: Avid Code: BS20827
Avid S6 Master Joystick Module is a component designed for use with the Avid S6 mixing console system, specifically with the M40 configuration. The ..
Brand: Avid Code: BS20826
Avid S6 Knob Module is a component designed for use with the Avid S6 mixing console system, specifically with the M40 configuration. The Avid S6 is ..
Brand: Avid Code: BS20825
Avid S6 Process Module is a component designed for use with the Avid S6 mixing console system, specifically with the M40 configuration. The Avid S6 ..
Brand: Avid Code: BS20824
Avid S6 Fader Module is a component designed for use with the Avid S6 mixing console system, specifically with the M40 configuration. The Avid S6 is..
Brand: Avid Code: BS20823
The Avid S6 M10 Master Touch Module is a component designed for use with the Avid S6 mixing console system. The Avid S6 is a modular and customizabl..
Brand: Apart Code: BS20818
The Apart ZONE4 is a 4-zone stereo pre-amplifier mixer designed for use in commercial audio applications, such as restaurants, retail spaces, office..
Brand: Mackie Code: BS20781
The Mackie SDR24/96 is indeed a 24-track hard disk recorder, part of Mackie's line of digital recording products. Similar to the HDR24/96, it was de..
Brand: Mackie Code: BS20780
The Mackie HDR24/96 is a 24-bit, 24-track digital audio hard disk recorder and editor. It was part of Mackie's line of digital recording products and..
Brand: Sonifex Code: BS20779
Sonifex RB-UL4 is a Quad Stereo Unbalanced to Balanced Converter produced by Sonifex. This type of device is commonly used in audio applications to ..
Brand: Sonifex Code: BS20778
Sonifex RB-LU4 is a Quad Stereo Balanced to Unbalanced Converter produced by Sonifex. This type of device is commonly used in audio applications to co..
Brand: Sonifex Code: BS20777
Sonifex RB-BL4 is a dual stereo bi-directional matching converter produced by Sonifex, a company that specializes in audio and video equipment. The ..
Brand: Research concept INC Code: BS20776
The RC2000A antenna controller is designed to control a dual-axis antenna with 36-volt actuators and pulse-type position sense feedback. The RC2000A..
Brand: Avid Code: BS20775
Experience the most intuitive, immersive mixing workflows for modern sound engineers. The revolutionary Avid® S6 modular control surface leverages..
Brand: Grass Valley Code: BS20774
The Grass Valley Kayenne Video Production Center is known for its versatility and is used in various live production environments, including broadca..
Brand: CANFORD Code: BS20758
An extremely compact, rackmount monitor, occupying only 1U of rackspace. The unit features two small elliptical loudspeakers driven by two, independen..
Brand: ORAD Code: BS20737
ORAD HI-TEC VDI-40 HD Video Data Inserters are devices used in television broadcasting and production to overlay additional information onto a video ..
Brand: Evertz Code: BS20733
Evertz 5010 is a Time Code Generator and Reader produced by Evertz Microsystems. It's commonly used in broadcast and production environments to prov..
Brand: Marantz Code: BS20718
The Marantz PMD331 is a professional CD player designed for use in various audio applications, including broadcasting, sound reinforcement, and reco..
Brand: Miranda Code: BS20717
It seems like you've listed several components from the Miranda Kaleido-X series, which is a line of multi-viewer and signal processing equipment us..
Brand: Wohler Code: BS20713
The VAMP2-MDA series offers the ability to monitor both audio and video from two selectable SDI digital and two composite analog video sources in a ..
Brand: Tektronix Code: BS20712
Tektronix PRISM MPI Media Analysis Platform with 10G rear Panel Active options MPI-IP-STD and MPI-IP-MEASTektronix PRISM provides flexible options and..
Brand: Ateme Code: BS20711
Ateme Kyrion DR5000 Ultra Low Latency Integrated Receiver Decoder with active HEVC H264 MPEG4 DVB-S2x ZIXI BISS-CA all the licences are active Th..
Brand: Kurzweil Code: BS20709
The Kurzweil KSP8 is known for its advanced signal processing capabilities and is often used in professional audio production and sound design. Here..
Brand: Wohler Code: BS20707
The AMP1A Series monitors provide self-powered, full-fidelity stereo audio monitoring of 2 analog channels (1 stereo pair) in the smallest rack spac..
Brand: VertexRSI Code: BS20680
The VertexRSI Digital Tracking Receiver (DTR) is a fully synthesized tracking receiver developed for satellite tracking and uplink power control ap..
Brand: General Dynamics Code: BS20679
The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Digital Tracking Receiver (DTR) is a fully synthesized tracking receiver developed for satellite tracking a..
The P7000 series of converters are designed to meet the phase noise, spurious, level, and frequency stability requirements of Intelsat IBS/ Eutelsat..
Brand: shiron satellite communication Code: BS20676
Shiron Satellite Communications is pleased to offer a turnkey system for the supply of Two-Way broadband communications. Shiron is continuously devel..
Brand: Quartzlock Code: BS20675
Quartzlock model 8 series GPS frequency Standards: microwave, satellite-controlled standard frequency sources, which use the emissions of the Navstar ..
Brand: Comtech EF Data Code: BS20673
The Comtech EF Data (CEFD) DT-4503/X Down Converter is the ultimate in high performance and cost effective C-Band frequency conversion. The DT-4503/..
Brand: Comtech EF Data Code: BS20672
The Comtech EF Data (CEFD) DT-4503/X Down Converter is the ultimate in high-performance and cost-effective C-Band frequency conversion. The DT-4503/..
Brand: Comtech EF Data Code: BS20671
Comtech EF Data CDM-600L Open Network Modems Satellite Modems Options 20 meg, Drop Insert, IBS, IDR,..
The PEAK Communications L701 L-Band Downconverter is a device used in satellite communication systems to convert signals from Intermediate Frequency..
Brand: Spectracom Code: BS20666
The Spectracom 1804L25C is a high-precision frequency reference source that utilizes signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS) to generate an..
Brand: Satellite Systems Corporation Code: BS20665
The Satellite Systems Corporation 3430-C Beacon Receiver is a specialized device used in satellite communication systems for receiving and processin..
Brand: L-3 Communications Code: BS20662
The L-3 Communications 711268 is described as an RF distribution unit. It is likely a passive device used in RF (radio frequency) and microwave syst..
Brand: L-3 Communications Code: BS20661
The L-3 Communications 711266 is a 10 MHz reference distribution amplifier, similar to the previously mentioned device, designed specifically to man..
Brand: L-3 Communications Code: BS20660
The L-3 Communications 711269 is a 10 MHz reference 4-way distribution amplifier designed to manage and distribute a 10 MHz reference signal in elec..
Brand: L-3 Communications Code: BS20659
The L-3 Communications 71136 IF Distribution Unit is a passive device used in RF (radio frequency) and microwave systems, particularly in communicat..
Brand: ANDREW Code: BS20658
The Andrew ADU (Antenna Drive Unit) is an integral component of a satellite communication system responsible for controlling the movement and positi..
Brand: ANDREW Code: BS20657
The Andrew APC100 is a programmable antenna controller used in satellite communication systems and other applications where precise antenna position..
Brand: NewTek Code: BS20656
The NewTek TriCaster TCXD8000 is a professional-grade live production system used in broadcasting, live events, and video production. It's a compreh..
Brand: City Theatrical Code: BS20382
The City Theatrical PDS-750-TR is a touring power supply designed specifically for use with lighting equipment in the entertainment industry, partic..
Brand: Evertz Code: BS20381
The Evertz CP-2116E System Control Panel is a specialized control interface designed for broadcast and production environments. As part of a broader..
Brand: Evertz Code: BS20380
The Evertz CP-6408E is a 2RU (2 rack units) control panel that features an XY keypad and displays. This type of control panel is commonly used in br..
Brand: Evertz Code: BS20379
The Evertz CP-3201 is a 1RU (1 rack unit) control panel with 40 buttons. It's designed for control and operation within broadcast and professional v..
Brand: Dynacore Code: BS20699
The Dynacore D-L5010U 3200K LED Camera Light is a versatile lighting tool tailored for photography and videography. With LED technology, it emits a ..
Code: BS20620
The 900-421 masthead amplifier serves as a signal booster specifically targeted for the frequency band of 800 to 844 MHz. Its primary function is to..
Brand: G & D Code: BS20643
The G&D VGA-U-CPU-UC seems to be a component designed for managing VGA signals, likely within a computer connectivity or KVM context. With VGA's..
Brand: Dynacore Code: BS20650
The Dynacore D-2S V-Mount Battery Charger Adaptor, marked as "open box," typically denotes a product that has been previously opened or possibly lig..
Brand: Dynacore Code: BS20649
The Dynacore DV-FU Quad Charger is specifically designed to charge U-Series Sony batteries. Being an "open box" item generally implies that it's a p..
Brand: Dynacore Code: BS20648
The Dynacore D-C-YA is an adapter designed to connect Anton Bauer-mount batteries to a Sony NP-F type power input. This adapter allows Sony NP-F com..
Brand: Dynacore Code: BS20647
The Dynacore D-L6P Camera Light is a versatile lighting accessory designed to enhance photography and videography setups. This compact LED light sou..
Brand: Dynacore Code: BS20697
The Dynacore L-5000U LED Camera Light is a professional-grade lighting solution tailored specifically for the demands of photography and videography..
Brand: Dynacore Code: BS20696
The Dynacore D-L5010F 3200K LED Camera Light is a versatile lighting solution tailored for photography and videography. Boasting LED technology, it ..
Brand: Dynacore Code: BS20695
The Dynacore D-2N is a lithium-ion battery designed for use in various applications, including renewable energy storage systems, electric vehicles, ..
Brand: ATM Code: BS20629
The ATM P415C1 Power Divider Combiner operates within the frequency range of 3.65 to 4.3 GHz, playing a crucial role in managing RF (Radio Frequency..
Brand: ATM Code: BS20628
The ATM P415 Power Divider Combiner operates within the frequency range of 4.0 to 8.0 GHz and serves a crucial role in RF (Radio Frequency) systems...
Brand: ATM Code: BS20632
The ATM P215C2 is a model of professional loudspeaker designed for audio reproduction in various settings, particularly for live sound reinforcement..
Brand: Avocent Code: BS18784
The Avocent 4SV1000 SwitchView 1000 is a highly practical KVM switch, designed to streamline control over multiple computers or servers using a sing..
Brand: WYRESTREAM Code: BS19088
The WyreStorm SW-0201-4K is a dynamic video auto switcher that streamlines the management of diverse video inputs, seamlessly handling both VGA and ..
Brand: WYRESTREAM Code: BS19086
The WyreStorm TX-70-POH is a robust 4K UHD HDCP 2.2 HDBaseT Transmitter designed to elevate AV signal transmission in professional setups. With supp..
Brand: Miranda Code: BS19629
The Miranda LKS-CPS is a specialized Centralized Power Supply unit designed to efficiently power up to 10 Picolink modules simultaneously. Its prima..
Brand: SONY Code: BS19696
The SONY LMD-9050 Portable 8.4" Multiformat LCD Monitor stands as a compact yet powerful solution tailored for professional video monitoring tasks. ..
Brand: SONY Code: BS19697
The SONY LMD-9030 is an 8.4-inch Multiformat LCD Monitor tailored for professional video monitoring applications. Featuring a compact yet high-resol..
Brand: Newtec Code: BS19966
The Newtec AZ210 1+1 Modulator Redundancy Switch, paired with the NTC/2185/NF module, is a specialized system designed to ensure continuity and reli..
Brand: Newtec Code: BS19969
The Newtec AZ202 Universal Switching System represents a highly adaptable and versatile solution crafted to oversee and regulate signal switching wi..
Brand: Newtec Code: BS19968
The Newtec AZ200 Redundancy Switching System, integrated with modules like the NTC/2185/NF, 2x NTC/3410/CD, 1x NTC/3410C/G, and 1x NTC/3410/EB, offe..
Brand: WTI Code: BS19971
The WTI PTS-4EE15-2F is an Automatic Power Transfer Switch designed to manage power supply between multiple sources automatically. Here's an overvie..
Brand: Ericsson Code: BS19973
The Ericsson Video Processor, equipped with six EN8100 MPEG-2 SD Encoder Modules, constitutes a robust multi-channel SD video encoding system. Here'..
Brand: Ericsson Code: BS19994
The Ericsson SPR1100 Broadcast Stream Processor, integrated with six MPM1 HD/SD Transcoder Modules, forms a comprehensive solution for advanced broad..
Brand: Ericsson Code: BS19993
The Ericsson Video Processor, coupled with its EN8100 MPEG-2 SD Encoder Module, constitutes a robust system for professional video processing in bro..
Brand: IRT Technologies Code: BS20064
An L-Band to C-Band up-and-down converter is a piece of equipment commonly used in satellite communication systems. Here's a breakdown:L-Band: This r..
Brand: Wohler Code: BS20077
The Wohler LM26-24 is a rackmount analog audio level meter designed to provide visual monitoring of audio levels across 24 channels simultaneously. ..
Brand: Blackmagic Design Code: BS20157
The Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo HDL-SMTVDUO2 is a dual 8-inch LCD monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080. It's designed for professional video mo..
Brand: Blackmagic Design Code: BS20156
The Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio 2 stands as a stalwart in professional video production, offering a comprehensive suite of features for recor..
Brand: Newbury Systems Code: BS20164
The Newbury Systems LSC-2HD Loudspeaker Control Panel is a sophisticated audio control interface designed for professional audio environments. It fe..
Brand: Evertz Code: BS20178
The Evertz Vue-Touch-10-BOM is an ultra-compact PC kit designed for specialized applications that require a small form factor and high performance. ..
Brand: Newtec Code: BS20185
The Newtec AZ110 is a high-performance DVB-S2 broadcast satellite modulator tailored for professional broadcasting applications. Its specialized des..
Brand: Newtec Code: BS20184
The Newtec AZ110 is a professional-grade DVB-S2 broadcast satellite modulator designed for efficient and high-performance satellite transmission. Wi..
Brand: Evertz Code: BS20504
The Evertz 7708LT13 stands as a robust solution for transmitting L-Band/Wideband RF signals over fiber optic networks. This specialized device not o..
Brand: Evertz Code: BS20503
The Evertz 7708LRA L-Band/Wideband RF Fiber Receiver, model 7708LRA-B50-AP, is a specialized device designed for receiving L-Band and wideband RF si..
Brand: SONY Code: BS20538
The Sony PVM-L1700 is a 17-inch high-definition broadcast LCD monitor crafted for professional video production. Paired with the BKM-16R controller,..
Brand: SONY Code: BS20596
The SONY BVR-50P Remote Control Unit is a device designed for professional video production environments, specifically intended to control and manag..
Brand: Ericsson Code: BS20595
The Ericsson MA5400 IP Video Gateway Single Base Unit is a core component in professional broadcasting and telecommunications, engineered to facilit..
Brand: Axel Technology Code: BS20594
The AXEL FLCVS Falcon VS is a 5-band digital audio processor designed to deliver high-quality audio processing capabilities for professional broadca..
Brand: TELOS Code: BS20593
The Telos Omnia ONE is a renowned audio processor used in broadcasting and professional audio applications. It's designed to optimize audio quality f..
Brand: ATI Code: BS20592
The ATI DDA112-XLR is a digital audio distribution amplifier designed to take a single digital audio input signal and distribute it across multiple o..
Brand: Harris Code: BS20601
The Harris Predator II ZP2-HD28-GX MultiViewer is a sophisticated video processing system designed for monitoring and managing a multitude of video ..
Brand: Advent Code: BS20604
The ADVENT DVM5000 is a satellite modulator designed to support the DVBS2 (Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite - Second Generation) standard.Key ..
Brand: Harris Code: BS20603
The Harris Predator II ZP2-HD8-GX is a MultiViewer system designed for video processing and monitoring applications. Here are some key features:Mult..
Code: BS20607
The PLV-804FB is a specific model or type of device that likely features an RF input using an N-connector and provides output functionality.Key poin..
Brand: Alcad Code: BS20606
The ALCAD UE-003 912 series LNB (Low-Noise Block Downconverter) appears to be a specific model or part of ALCAD's product lineup designed for satelli..
Brand: Norsat Code: BS20613
The Norsat 1208HB is a KU-Band PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) LNB (Low-Noise Block Downconverter) designed to operate within the frequency range of 12.25 t..
Brand: Norsat Code: BS20612
The Norsat 1208HC is a KU-Band PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) LNB (Low-Noise Block Downconverter) designed to operate within the frequency range of 10.95 t..