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Power supply

Power supply
Power supply
Brand: Bron Kobold Model: EWB-400.575
kobold, the world’s leading manufacturer of weather- proof (IP 54), multifunctional daylight systems, is round- ing out its product line, which now includes the DW 200, DW 400, and DW 800 fixtures. Compatible ballast units include the EWB 200, and the EWB 400.575.800. The BB 200 ballast is suitable ..
Brand: Miranda Model: LKS-CPS
The Miranda LKS-CPS is a specialized Centralized Power Supply unit designed to efficiently power up to 10 Picolink modules simultaneously. Its primary function is to act as a central hub for providing electrical power to these modules within a broadcast or media environment. Miranda's Picolink m..
Brand: Nevion Model: PWR-AC-75W B
Standard power supply for FR-2RU-10-2 providing max. 9A/5V, 1A/15V, 1A/-15V. Input supply range: 100-240VAC. The power provides a GPI output for power good alarm. The power is without active cooling and requires forced airflow...
Brand: Nevion Model: PWR-DC15/15/5/5V
Nevion PWR-DC15/15/5/5V Power supply for Nevion with 2x15V and 2x5V, 60W, input 110- 260VAC auto-sensing..
Brand: Studer Model: 24vDC
The SBM-02 is a highly accurate battery monitor. It is supplied together with a 500A/50mV shunt. This device is designed for 12 and 24V batteries. The optional voltage pre-scaler SBM-PS-02 extends the use of the SBM-02 to 27-175V batteries.Consumption @ 12Vdc, without BL [mA]Consumption @ 24Vdc, wit..
Brand: The Power Solution Model: AD-070U-Q1225-105
UNIPOWER’s EASYMOD® AD-070U SERIES is a 70 Watt Power Supply platform with both standard and configurable models featuring output voltage(s) that can be quickly configured to order while maintaining all international safety approvals. These power supplies are available with Universal AC Inp..
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