750W Ku-band HPA (13.75-14.50GHz) Rack mounted (5RU) VZU-6997AD

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750W Ku-band (13.75-14.50GHz) Rack mounted (5RU)


Provides 750 wa s of power in a 5 rack unit package,
digital ready, for wideband, single- and mul -carrier satellite service in the 13.75-14.50 GHz frequency band. Ideal for transportable and xed earth sta on applica ons where space and prime power are at a premium. 

Ef cient 

Employs a high e ciency dual-depressed collector helix traveling wave tube backed by many years of eld-proven experience in airborne and military applica ons. 

Simple to Operate 

User-friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with integrated computer interface, digital metering, pin diode a enua on and op onal integrated linearizer for improved intermodula on performance. 

Global Applications 

Meets Interna onal Safety Standard EN-60215, Electromagne c Compa bility 2004/108/EC and Harmonic Standard EN-61000-3-2 to sa sfy worldwide requirements. 

Easy to Maintain 

Modular design and built-in fault diagnos c capability with convenient and clearly visible indicators for easy maintainability in the eld 

Technical Details
750W Ku-band (13.75-14.50GHz) Rackmounted (5RU)

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