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 ACO-3901 Automatic Changeover Module  ACO-3901 Automatic Changeover Module
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Brand: Harris Model: ACO-3901
The Leitch ACO-3901 is the evolution of the automatic changeover module. Conventional automatic changeover modules are typically packaged as a 1RU chassis that work in conjunction with standalone primary and redundant Sync Pulse Generators. The ACO–3901 by leveraging the inherent advantages of th..
Brand: Harris Model: FR6802+QXF
HARRIS FR6802+QXF Frame 2RU, Ethernet resource card all blanks with fan Includes two 6822+AC power supply..
FR6802+QXF frame with VDA6800
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Brand: Harris Model: FR6802+QXF
HARRIS           2RU Modular Frame FR6802+QXF includes1x     6800+RESC2x     PSU9x    VSA6800 analog video distribution amplifier..
FR6802+QXF HARRIS modular Frame includes 10x VFS6800+ Video Frame Synchronizer)	FR6802+QXF HARRIS modular Frame includes 10x VFS6800+ Video Frame Synchronizer)
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Brand: Harris Model: FR6802+QXF
HARRIS Frame includes 1x            FR6802+QXF2RU modular Frame includes 1x           6800+ETH2x           PSU10x   ..
FR6802+QXF Modular Fram FR6802+QXF Modular Fram
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Brand: Harris Model: FR6802+QXF
HARRIS 2RU Modular Frame FR6802+QXF includes1x 6800+ETH2x PSU8x VDA6800 analog video distribution amplifier2x VEA6800 Video equalizing distribution amplifier..
Brand: Harris Model: FR6822+F
The pioneering and proven Selenio 6822+ has been a popular modular signal processing platform with broadcasters around the world for well over a decade. Available with a range of cost-effective, single-purpose modules spanning the breadth of SDI processing, distribution, video conversion and..
Brand: Harris Model: P32X32SRIE
HARRIS  P32X32SRIE 32x32 ASI & SDI Wideband Digital Multi-rate Routing Switcher with re-clocking Redundant Power SupplyThe compact Panacea routing switcher line is the market leader for small routing applications, offering the largest selection of matrix sizes, options and builtin control..
Brand: Harris Model: RCP-32X1P
Harris  RCP-32X1P 1RU remote 32x1 programmable push-button panel...
Brand: Harris Model: 6800+QXF
The new FR6822+QXFE, featuring an integrated Ethernet resource card, is the next-generation platform in the best-selling 6800+™ modular core processing series  This frame is designed to offer broadcast facilities advanced baseline communication and control of their networks via a built-in W..
Brand: Harris Model: ACO6800+ISD
HARRIS ACO6800+ISD Intelligent Single Switchover for HD/SD/ASI Sources with QSEE smart alarms and thumbnailThe ACO6800+ switchover module is designed for the 6800+TM core processing platform and provides both the primary and backup paths critical to maintaining uninterrupted video and audio signal f..
Brand: Harris Model: ADC6800+A4BC
ADC6800+A4BCD and ADS6800+A4BC modules provide four balanced analog audio channel inputs, two AES unbalanced (coax) audio outputs, and two AES balanced audio outputs. They also provide a balanced and unbalanced DARS reference input.ADC/ADS6800+A4BC modules can be controlled locally (via card edg..
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