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Video Encoders

Video Encoders

Bs broadcast offers SD and HD encoder from harmonic, Tandberg, Ericson, Proscopus and cisco. These broadcasting encoders always led the market in providing encoding platforms that give optimum quality at the very lowest possible bit-rates. HD High Definition Encoder base unit are available.

Video encoders are used in TV station, DSNG, SNG, earth station, satellite uplink, OB van, digital terrestrial television. Video encoders are widely used in applications that record or transmit video.

Brand: Advent Model: exos exciter
The Advent EXOS Exciter, housed in a waterproof, ruggedized cast chassis is an MPEG2 video & audio encoder combined with an L-band modulator. The output is tuneable at L-band from 950 to 1750MHz.L-band monitor and combiner inputs are provided for monitoring and cascading to provide multi..
Brand: Ateme Model: AM2102
The ATEME Kyrion AM2102 is a professional-grade MPEG-2/MPEG-4 SD/HD dual-channel encoder, designed for IPTV and video distribution applications. The encoder features advanced compression algorithms, providing high-quality video streams with low bitrates.ATEME Kyrion AM2102 MPEG-2 MPEG-4 SD HD Dua..
Brand: Ateme Model: AM2102
The Ateme Kyrion AM2102 is the High Video Quality, Multi-Channel H264 and MPEG2 encoder designed to address a broad range of Digital Television applications. Its state of the art encoding core allows bouquet aggregators, broadcasters and video service operators to save bandwidth and reach their ..
Brand: Ateme Model: CM5000
The Kyrion CM5000 encoder has been designed for contribution over satellite, IP and ASI networks, with all needed features, such as ultra-fast-boot, and added value features such as ABR output and integrated Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ). The Kyrion CM5000 is a future-proof solution, with&nb..
Brand: Ateme Model: CM5000
ATEME KYRION CM5000 H264 Modular Contribution Encoder with Extended ASI/SDI and 4x zixi streamingsoftware option fully licenced including HEVC and BISSCAThe ATEME KYRION CM5000 encoder has been designed for contribution over satellite, IP and ASI networks, with all needed features, such as ul..
Brand: Ateme Model: CM5000
ATEME KYRION CM5000 HEVC Modular Contribution Encoder with Extended ASI/SDI and 4x zixi streamingencorder can do one channel HEVC or 2 channel HD please see the attached screen shots..
Brand: Cisco systems Model: D9040
To help optimize bandwidth utilization in digital transmission systems, the Model D9040 Encoder is designed to deliver high-quality MPEG-2 video in a small amount of bandwidth, allowing efficient utilization of bandwidth constrained mediums such as satellite. The PowerVu® Network Centre (PNC) can p..
Brand: Cisco systems Model: D9050
The HD MPEG-2 Encoder Model D9050 is the right choice for any operator who wants to compress high-definition video using highly efficient MPEG-2 compression technology. Thisproduct is the second generation HD encoder from Scientific Atlanta.The D9050 HD Encoder provides many benefits in multi-cha..
Brand: Cisco systems Model: D9036
Cisco Modular Encoding Platform D9036 with D9036-MVC-MKI ,D9036-MVC-MKI ,D9036-MIO-MKICISCO D9036-MVC-MKI (74-7581-01) Modular Video Codec for D9036 Encoding PlatformCISCO D9036-MVC-MKI D9036 MODULAR AUDIO CARDCISCO D9036-MIO-MKI D9036 MODULAR INPUT / OUTPUTChassis Overview: The Cisco Modular Encod..
Divicom eilipse Scopus UE-9210 Video Encoder with MPEG-2 Engine Divicom eilipse Scopus UE-9210 Video Encoder with MPEG-2 Engine
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Brand: Harmonic Model: UE-9210
The Scopus UE-9210 is an MPEG-2 encoder supporting a single video-channel – C/V Channel 1 and two analog or four digital audio channels. The UE-9210 basic and software-licensed features are the followingBasic Features • 1 video-channel MPEG-2• Video format 4:2:2/4:2:0• Analog and SDI inputs i..
Envivio Real-Time MPEG-4/H.264 Encoder Envivio Real-Time MPEG-4/H.264 Encoder
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Brand: Envivio Model: ENVIVIO
The 4CasterTM encoder from Envivio provides real-time MPEG-4/H.264 (AVC) encoding for full resolution, full frame rate video. It has been designed to meet the needs of all fixed and mobile professional video contribution and distribution applications over a variety of transport protocols, including ..
Brand: Ericsson Model: VPC
The Ericsson Video Processor Chassis is a high density, multi-functional, video processing   platform. It is designed for the evolving requirements of today’s broadcasters. The Video Processor has a compact 1RU form factor with up to six hot swappable option slots with a  single ..
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