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Brand: RANE Model: AVA 22d
Rane AVA 22d is a fully balanced two Input, two Output Audio / Video Alignment Delay providing a range of 0.0 to 9.5 NTSCor PAL/SECAM frames on each Output. 24-bit audio converters provide excellent sound quality.Each Output has t..
Rane RPM-88 Digital Programmable DSP Multiprocessor Rane RPM-88 Digital Programmable DSP Multiprocessor
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Brand: RANE Model: RPM-88
Rane RPM-88 Digital Programmable DSP Multiprocessor..
Brand: RANE Model: Seq 30S
The RANE SEQ 30S is a stereo equalizer, so adjusting any slider affects both channels simultaneously. Begin by setting all sliders to their center detent (0 dB), and the INPUT LEVEL to its center detent (0 dB). Try to make more cuts than boosts. After equalizing, use the EQ switch to compare..
Brand: RANE Model: SM26B
Rane SM26B 6 Channel Rackmount Splitter and MixerThe Rane Model SM 26B Splitter Mixer is one of the most useful, yet unusual audio products available. In its most basic configuration, it is a six-to-two line level mixer. It will accept six balanced or unbalanced line level inputs which are applie..
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