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Brand: Advent Model: 042-5194
Advent communication LNB 10.950 11.70GHz  LO 10GHz +/-5KHz KU Band..
Andrews Channel Master Andrew Feed Horn 3040661
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Brand: ANDREW Model: 3040661
Andrews Channel Master Andrew Feed Horn 3040661..
Brand: ASTEL Model: 4662B
The 20dB Satellite In-Line Amplifier is used to boost the signal from your satellite to your receiver or multiswitch. Simply install the amplifier at the satellite dish or signal source for an instant 20dB boost. In-line amplifiers are required when the signal is too weak or for long cable runs over..
Brand: ATM Model: 75-302B-30-1-1
ATM CrossGuide Directional Coupler - 2 W/G Ports, 1 Type-N Port - Series 302 10.0 - 15.0HGz  WG size WR75..
Bias Tee multiplexer Bias Tee multiplexer
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Brand: ORBITAL Model: MT40-NNNB
The Orbital Research “Mux-Tee” (MT-25/40) is a premium bias tee multiplexer that does much more than insert DC current: it multiplexes a 10 MHz reference signal onto the L-band signal. And because it is a passive device that requires no power, it can work in reverse and extract a DC signal and/or de..
Brand: DAWNco Model: C-BANDPASS-Wimax4
DAWNco Bandpass filter 3.7-4.2GHz C-BANDPASS-Wimax4..
Model: SAM-3801
Multiswitch 3X8 FTA Directv Dishnetwork New Works with any satellite receiver that has 13/18 volt switching for polarity. This includes all FTA receivers, DSS receivers, and some analog receivers Connect up to 8 Receivers . See diagram below. Dual LNB required...
Brand: IKUSI Model: UDV-408
• 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-way shielded inductive splitters. Frequency range: 5-2450 MHz. • Wall fixing, nickle-plated zinc diecast housing (2 screws attached). Grounding facilities. All ports F female connector. • Unidirectional DC transit (max +24 VDC, 0.5 A) on all ports. • The Splitter has a 9mm ..
Brand: SMW Model: WDL DRO TYPE B
The WDL DRO LNB supports reception of full Ku-band frequency range simultaneously on low and high band outputs. The LNB is ideal for installation in various professional TVRO applications.Available with LO stability from ±3 MHz to ±1 MHz...
Brand: L-Com Model: AL-FFFF
Lightning Protector Model AL-FFFF is a high quality 75 Ohm gas discharge tube suppressor featuring wide-band operation up to 3 GHz. This unit features an F-Female to F-Female connector.Due to its low cost and superior RF performance, this unit is ideal for protecting Cable Television Receiv..
Brand: Norsat Model: 3025X
Norsat C-Band PLL LNB 3.400 - 4.200 GHz 10Mhz ext ref  gain 60db..
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