ADVENT Antenna Control Unit with Flight cases ACU5000

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The ACU5000 is an antenna control unit designed to operate with VISLINK’s range of motorised antenna systems.The unit provides user friendly 3 speed motor control of azimuth, elevation and polarisation axis as well as automatic stow and deploy functions


The ACU5000 comes with the option of interfacing with a GPS receiver and/or fluxgate compass

Integrated beacon receiver option provides facilities for automatic satellite acquisition and tracking

The ACU provides an 800 city updateable database to enable satellite pointing without the need for GPS

Optional DVB-S/S2 demodulation capability to provide ASI output

Satellite identification capability

External reference signal for LNB


Advent’s established lightweight, compact, 1U half rack electronics packages are ideally suited for flyaway or vehicle mounted solutions, where weight and space are at a premium. The 5000 series of electronics can be packaged in different lightweight, ruggedised canvas flight cases, depending on units selected and system configuration.


• Compact 1/2 width 19” x 1U rack mountable units

• 1/4 of the size and 1/6th of the weight of competitors equivalent products

• Designed for contribution flyaway and DSNG vehicle applications where space and weight are critical

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