ALTO series L-BAND AMPLIFIER 4 module L-band (850 to 2150MHz) remote control and dual redundant power supplies

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The quad Alto series comprises 4 high performance, independently controlled Line Amplifiers in a compact 1U, 19” rack mountable shelf.

Alto amplifiers operate over 850-2150MHz, with locally settable gain. The gain is controlled in 0.5dB monotonic steps. This model can be locally controlled via push buttons and crystal display; and remotely controlled via an RJ45 Ethernet port using SNMP and ASCII codes, with the option for 0 web browser interface.

Each amplifier module is housed in an EMC shielded chassis providing additional isolation between any two channels.

The unit benefits from dual redundant power supplies.

Typical applications:

Front end RF chain, providing cable loss compensation and LNB Powering for teleports, TVRO and head-ends.

This unit is available in a range of connector types and impedances (model numbers will vary).

Technical Details

Housed in a compact 1U high chassis

Gain Control:                     0.5dB monotonic steps

Slope Control:                    1dB monotonic steps

Dual redundant power supplies

Local and Remote Control and monitoring

MTBF >                                 250,000 hours

High gain / temperature stability

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