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Audio Monitors

Audio Monitors

Audio Monitors are specifically designed to provide a true image of your audio broadcasting system. If you've spent hours making your music or broadcasting it through various channels, then an audio monitoring system is essential for your studio. Whether you like it or not, a picture of a mix balance in tones and various frequencies can make a lot of difference in the end result. A professional audio monitoring system ensures that you'll get every its and bits from your playback system. While a decent audio monitor may shed some light on your most audio mixing elements, it can also improve your ability to produce music. Bs broadcast will help you find the best single or dual transmission audio monitoring system for your need. We have both new and used items available in different categories. Whatever budget or selection you've in mind, you will surely find the right fit for your need here.

Audio Monitoring System:

With the advancement of technology, we have different innovative creations available in the market. They belong to different categories as well as multiple possibilities for your quality content delivery. A comprehensive audio monitoring system is simply a must-have in your studio. It helps you get the best quality and quantity of services. Multichannel audio level monitoring devices show different measurements on your display screen. You can analyze this data and create a perfect tone for your requirement. Bs broadcast continues to work closely with new brands and existing users, to develop and deliver professional products in the market. We also remove the technical challenges you feel during the workflow.

Why Use Audio Monitoring System?

  • Improve efficiency on your broadcasting solution
  • Intuitive control interface
  • Reduce errors and help build quality of service
  • Monitor both traditional and IP infrastructures

Audio Monitoring Equipment:

Switching between different audio monitoring systems can be a daunting process. BsBroadcast provides you a variety of used audio monitoring equipment for your every convenience. We stock material based on their quality and services in the designated category. You can use this equipment for monitor management configuration and elaborate it as per your requirement. In addition to this, we deal with both digital and analog systems. Whether it's your home or professional studio, we have a great selection of products for your need. Every mix engineer has its taste of building a fix. We offer monitoring features that will surely provide you total stymie. Search for your Favorite audio monitoring system at BsBroadcast.

Brand: Alice Model: MSU 10
This 2U rack-unit Alice Soundtech MSU-10 is intended to allow quality monitoring of 10 stereo line-level sources and features built-in 10 + 10-watt power amplifiers to drive 8-ohm loudspeakers. A headphone jack is also provided with separate level control. A loudspeaker mute input allows the u..
Brand: AMEK Model: 9098
AMEK system 9098 dual compressor limiter is available is stock with BS broadcast great conditions . Possibly the best value dual/stereo compressor on the market.AMEK system 9098 is the best limiter compressor in marketDescription stereo/dual monoPrinciple solid stateMetering ..
Brand: BEL Audio Model: BMA2-4SHD
The BEL digital audio BMA2-4SHD is a professional audio monitor/ alarm system housed in a 2U rack. The unit features two speakers and an analogue line output. Audio input signals can be in the form of analog, AES (SPDIF) and SDI embedded data.The BMA2-4SHD accepts audio inputs in groups of 4 c..
Brand: BEL Audio Model: BM-A2-E8SHD
The BM-A2-E8SHD is a 2U high-quality audio monitor, capable of monitoring discrete 3G, HD and SD multichannel audio, and decoding Dolby® E/Dolby® Digital sources. This class-leading product, designed with close cooperation from Dolby Laboratories, builds on Bel’s reputation for providing very high q..
Blackmagic Audio Monitor HDL-AUDMON1RU Blackmagic Audio Monitor HDL-AUDMON1RU
Out Of Stock
Brand: Blackmagic Design Model: HDL-AUDMON1RU
Blackmagic Audio Monitor gives you fantastic quality audio monitoring in an impossibly small one-rack unit size! With a dual subwoofer design combined with extra wide range speakers all backed by a super powerful class A/B ampliGer. Blackmagic Audio Monitor has been designed to be both an audio a..
Brand: CANFORD Model: 76-341
An extremely compact, rackmount monitor, occupying only 1U of rackspace. The unit features two small elliptical loudspeakers driven by two, independent, balanced-input amplifiers, with individual channel volume controls. Naturally, these units are intended for checking the presence or content of a ..
Brand: CANFORD Model: MK.2
CANFORD UTILITY POWER AMPLIFIER balanced inputs rackmount type 20-301A two-channel design for professional applications, this the updated model offers more power along with balanced and filtered inputs, professional connectors, minimal rack mounting format, and silent, passive cooling.Although orig..
Brand: CTP Systems Model: pre-hear 650
CTP Systems Pre-Hear 650 is a versatile audio equipment unit that simplifies audio processing and monitoring tasks. Its built-in audio speaker and multiple source processing capabilities make it an excellent choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts seeking an integrated and compact solutio..
DK-Technologies MSD600M++ with 4x IM600 input module and power adopter DK-Technologies MSD600M++ with 4x IM600 input module and power adopter
Out Of Stock
Brand: DK-Technologies Model: MSD600M++
DK-Technologies MSD600M++ with 4x IM600 input module and power adopterThe MSD600M++ Stereo and Surround Sound Meters, from DKTechnologies offer phasemeter, audio vector oscilloscope and PPM / VU level meter as the primary tools.DK-Technologies MSD600M++ Master Stereo & Surround Sound Meter wi..
Dorrough electronics 40-A2 Loudness monitor Dorrough electronics 40-A2 Loudness monitor
Out Of Stock
Brand: Dorrough electronics Model: 40-A2
Dorrough electronics 40-A2 Loudness monitorThe Dorrough 40-A2 is a professional analog loudness meter, designed for modern stereo recording and broadcast requirements, and offering simultaneous average and peak program display, with separate ballistics and lightning-fast response. This met..
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