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Compliance Recorder

Compliance  Recorder

Broadcast Compliance Recording

The Compliance recording and monitoring is an application used in every broadcasting firm to ensure that the content is logged with regulatory requirements. The application checks everything related to TV broadcasting including ads and programs to ensure that they comply with regulatory rules. It is a mandatory requirement in many countries to log the content and meet the conditions set by the authority. The application is consists of two main units, Recorder and Monitoring. Each of the units has a specified role as per set by the regulatory. Designed for a multipurpose approach, you can also use this application on other broadcasting firms including a radio station and broadcast logging.

Compliance Recorder:

A compliance recorder is a video application used by broadcasters to ensure that the content aired over TV is recorded 24/7 and available in the time of need. These recorders record days of content depending on the disk capacity. Some advance compliance recorders directly import the data on Physical drives or over cloud-based storage system. There are different file formats in which you can store your recording data.

Compliance Monitoring:

A compliance monitoring system checks the quality assurance of the content reports if it complies with certain standards or not. Although the feature is included in the Recorder, some manufacturers provide separate custom based compliant monitoring system that matches the complaint framework. It is the best way to ensure a long-lasting standard for your

Actus Compliance Monitoring:

The Actus Compliance monitoring pioneer in providing the maximum performance for years to come. The broadcast logging records the content 24/7, archive it as per user requirement. The application also comes with easy to manage user interface from which you can access all the settings and set complaint standards. Some highlighted features include:

  • Archive, Review, and Search
  • Quick Export and Share
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Transparent Streaming for months
  • Loudness Monitoring

BsBroadcast provides you a variety of used compliance recorders and monitoring systems. If you're running a professional broadcasting firm, then this application is regulatory purposes. It is important for your setup because you can't record or monitor everything with your system. They don't provide continuous recording for networking logging. We also deal in the Compliance monitoring system if you only want to use it for storage purposes. Ranging from your favorite brand to the best product in the market, you can find all sorts of used broadcasting equipment here.

Brand: Axon Model: TRE150
The minimum axon TRACS system is based on a N+1 box infrastructure. One unit is called Recorder. This 19” 1RU case is capable of recording up to 30, 90 or 150 days, depending on which TRACS is purchased. The disk capacity determines the amount of days it can record, specified at 512Kb/s without..
Brand: Pixel metrix Model: DVStor2
 Pixelmetrix DVStor DVStor2 Recording, Playout & ArchiveDVStor2 is a self-contained transport stream recording and playout solution. It archives transport stream data complete with all services, SI/PSIP tables and any private metadata – making faithful on-demand reproduction possi..
Brand: Pixel metrix Model: DVStor2
Pixelmetrix DVStor2 2U 12 TBPixelmetrix DVStor2 Content playout can be either in real-time or with a frame-accurate delay inserted, making the DVStor2 perfect for content distribution across timezones or for +1 channels (with appropriate logo insertion). The playout can also be started on ..
Brand: Sonifex Model: Net Log 01
The Net-Log has been specifically designed for long-term recording and archival by the use of a dedicated hardware recording platform with a simple network connection for audio playback. Playback software on a network connected PC streams the audio to the desktop where it can be played out or saved ..
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