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Brand: Telex Model: BTR-200 II
Telex RadioCom BTR-200 IIThis manual covers the BTR-200, BTR-200II, and the BTR-200B II Base Stations and the TR-200 and TR-200P Portable Transceivers (referenced as BTR-200 and TR-200 unless otherwise specified.) The Telex Models BTR-200 and TR-200 were specifically designed to provide the user wi..
Brand: Telex Model: BTR-800
Telex RadioCom BTR-800 Two-channel uhf synthesized wireless intercom base stationBTR-800 base station can support up to four beltpacks in full-time transmit, full-duplex operation. Multiple base station/beltpack systems can be used together to meet the needs of virtually any wireless communications ..
Brand: Telex Model: BTR-80N
Telex RadioCom BTR-80N Narrow Band 2-Channel UHF Synthesized Wireless Intercom SystemThe BTR-80N narrow band wireless intercom system offers the most comprehensive, user-friendly and versatile set of features available in wireless intercom systems anywhere in the world. Providing an unprecedented 25..
Brand: Telex Model: TR-800
The Telex RadioCom TR-800  Two-channel UHF frequency-agile wireless beltpacks for use with the BTR-800. The TR-825 is a dual listen beltpack, allowing you to listen to “Tech” in one ear and “Production” in the other. Individual volume controls also allow for easy level adjustment. The TR..
Brand: Telex Model: MS-4002
The TELEX RTS MS-4002 is a complete 4-channel, balanced audio master station and 4-amp system power supply in a single unit. You simply plug it into any AC power outlet from 100 to 240 volts, add a microphone or headset, connect intercom stations to the back panel, and you’re ready to communicate...
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