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Control Panels

Control Panels

Control Panels:

A control panel is a device used to control the broadcast input and output signal of audio video routers. Each device comes in different variations, sizes, functionalities, and design. They also offer advanced functionalities like multimode buttons per source, multi-destination panels, XY panels, and smart panel for easy navigation. There are different buttons with illuminate status indication on each device for customized options.

Remote Panel:

A remote panel is also called a control panel which serves the same purpose as the control unit does. The only difference is that the remote panel comes with customized joystick control. It gives you fast and precise control over all the transitions. With this, you can easily design your own DVE moves and adjust the lighting as per the depth of the color scene in the environment.

Evertz Control Panel:

The Evertz Control Panel feature illuminated button technology which you can use to display multiple character strings. Depending on the product you buy, you will get different physical and virtual soft buttons. These devices are ideal for the situation where the regular source and destination changes are needed. You can also configure these panels to provide a quick menu structure of any system.

GRASS VALLEY Control Panel:

Grass Valley control panel solution offers the most versatile, comprehensive, and effective multi-destination panels for storage, production, playback, and acquisition. With the increase in demand for a multimode control panel, you can't invest in multiple devices that offer the same work for different control channels. A systematic solution will automatically configure, control, and provide playback options when you need them. The devices come with different control button which you can customize for a specified task. Each button has a separate marking for input-output channels on the expansion panel. Each device comes with different input and output buttons with illuminate indicate status.

Bs Broadcast Collection of Control Panels:

Bs broadcast is a pioneer in providing a collection of some of the finest broadcasting equipment you can ever find. For the Control panel list, we have stock of top video router switcher from your favorite top brands. Buy from your favorite product or brands including Grass Valley, Blackmagic, Pro-Bel, Miranda, Aja, and Evertz. Each device has separate multi-destination support for your requirement. We offer the lowest competitive rates in the market to ensure that you find the best products possible. All of these products are carefully tested by professionals.

Evertz	Control Panel, 1RU 16 LCD buttons	CP-1000E Evertz	Control Panel, 1RU 16 LCD buttons	CP-1000E
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Brand: Evertz Model: CP-1000E
The CP-1000A control panel features assignable and dynamic LCD button technology. Each of the LCD buttons is capable of displaying multiple character text strings. The CP-1000A has 16 physical buttons offering soft 256 virtual buttons. The CP-1000A panel is ideal in applications where changes t..
Brand: Evertz Model: CP-1024E
EVERTZ CP-1024E CONTROL PANELThe CP-1024E is an XY Control Panel with 24 illuminated push buttons and 3 display windows that are used for the source, destination, and level information. The unit also has five scroll knobs used for scrolling through lists and configuration options.The CP-1024E is ..
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Brand: Evertz Model: CP-1040E
EVERTZ CP-1040E ROUTER CONTROL PANEL 1RUThe CP-1040E remote control panel features 40 full color dynamic LCD buttons in 1RU, all of which are fully programmable. Each of the 40 LCD buttons are capable of displaying up to three rows of five characters. The panel can also be configured with a menu ..
Evertz CP-1604E Control Panel 1RU 20 Buttons Evertz CP-1604E Control Panel 1RU 20 Buttons
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Brand: Evertz Model: CP-1604E
Evertz CP-1604E Control Panel 1RU 20 ButtonsThe CP-1604E is a versatile programmable panel with 20 illuminated push buttons. A wide range of panel operations including multi-destination may be configured.   Buttons can be individually configured for any combination of source, destinatio..
EVERTZ CP-2048E Control Panel 2RU 48 LCD Buttons EVERTZ CP-2048E Control Panel 2RU 48 LCD Buttons
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Brand: Evertz Model: CP-2048E
EVERTZ CP-2048E Control Panel 2RU 48 LCD ButtonsThe CP-2048E features assignable and dynamic LCD button technology. Each of the LCD buttons is capable of displaying a multiple-character text string. The CP-2048E panel has 48 buttons arranged in three rows of 16. These panels are ideal in applic..
Brand: Evertz Model: CP-2116E
The Evertz CP-2116E System Control Panel is a specialized control interface designed for broadcast and production environments. As part of a broader system, this control panel likely provides comprehensive access and manipulation of various functions and devices within a broadcast infrastructure..
Brand: Evertz Model: CP-3201
The Evertz CP-3201 is a 1RU (1 rack unit) control panel with 40 buttons. It's designed for control and operation within broadcast and professional video environments. With its compact size, it likely provides a convenient interface for controlling various devices or functions within a studio set..
Brand: Evertz Model: CP-3201E
EVERTZ CP-3201E Control Panel 1RU 40 ButtonsThe CP-3201E has 40 illuminated push buttons and is ideal for systems that require 32 simple button per source operation and six destinations or a combination there of. ..
Brand: Evertz Model: CP-6408E
The Evertz CP-6408E is a 2RU (2 rack units) control panel that features an XY keypad and displays. This type of control panel is commonly used in broadcast and professional video environments for controlling and managing complex systems.The XY keypad typically allows for more intricate and preci..
Brand: Evertz Model: HD9625LGA
Evertz HD9625LGA universal remote control panel to use with Evertz HD9625LGA HD/SD Logo Inserter and Media Inserter..
Brand: Evertz Model: CP-2402
Evertz Quartz CP-2402 Remote Control PanelThe CP-2402 is a XY Control Panel with 29 illuminated push-buttons and two display windows used for source and destination displays. The CP-2402E is available as control panel and can be used on any Evertz® family of small routers, such as Topaz, EQT..
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