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Talkback System

Talkback System

Intercom System:

An intercom system is a communication channel between two or more electronic devices for sharing audio and video transmissions. A basic intercom system connects with a microphone or any other power supply to connect with an outstation. Each of these stations will either offer a talk button, call light, or volume control. Just connect a headset with the outstation and your communication solution is complete.

Outstation can be anything ranging from belt packs, wall-mounted, tabletop units, or rack. They all have the same functionality, just a little bit of tweaks over the previous models. Although because of the recent rise in cellular technology, there is very less industry where the system is being used. You can still find intercom systems in theatres, production centers, and in the different communication industries. The intercom system not only serves as a great communication solution, but you can also connect 2 intercom system for extended support.

Broadcast Intercom System:

A broadcast intercom system serves the same functionalities of a communication channel with extended features and advance coverage options. These types of systems are most convenient for production uses. It uses a digital matrix for outstanding coverage and can be uniquely configured for crew talk over multiple channels. There are also other options to install software and get the most productivity out of the intercom system.

Capabilities of an Intercom System:

The following are the capabilities of a broadcast intercom system.

IP Choices

Some intercom systems are adopting the newer IP technology and eliminating the previous digital matrix to a more intelligent solution. Although this type of solution is expensive, it is convenient for the long run.


Broadcast talkback systems also support wireless-capable devices for aerial placement. There can be several reasons why wired is not preferred, a simple approach is that the wireless systems have simplex and duplex option.


Headset and other communication accessories are a vital part of an talkback system. There are a lot of broadcast systems that support most of the latest communication jacks with an additional option of extended panels.

Basic Intercom System Terms:

  • Base Station: Also called a master station, these units control the overall functionality of the intercom system.
  • Sub-station: These units provide an initial call to the base station.
  • Door Station: Used on a remote location, these stations serve the same functionality as a sub-station.
  • Wall-mounted Station: Fixed on a specified location with different accessories built-in. This includes a microphone, TV, or a loudspeaker.
  • Belt Pack: Portable Broadcast talkback system for interruptible feedback (IFB) earpiece.
  • Power Supply: Used to provide juice to all the hardware components.
  • Amplified: An intercom system with a single speaker for communication
  • Telephonic: Similar to standard telephone systems it uses a transmitter and receiver.

Broadcast Talkback System:

A talkback system is also part of an intercom system used to provide secure communication between a control and a recording room. Most console talkback systems are comprised of microphones and receivers for such technology.

The system includes a microphone directly connected to the system including a series of switches. The switches act as a broadcaster between various components such as headphones, Interruptible Feedback Earpieces, or a monitor speaker. It is an interrupted bridge between a control room and a production unit. The basic functionality includes communication between a performer room and a control room without any audio interference. There are different brands for a Broadcast talkback system each offering different models and functionalities. You can customize these products for your convenience and usage requirements. The system also supports third- party switches and panels for extended usage.

Brand: Alice Model: TLK10
The Alice TLK10 talkback units are designed for instant communication between studios, newsrooms, and other technical areas. Each unit has 10 individual push-to-talk buttons allowing selection of destination as well as a talk-to-all-stations feature. Incoming talkback illuminates the sender’s bu..
Brand: Alice Model: TLK10
The Alice TLK10 talkback units are designed for instant communication between studios, newsrooms, and other technical areas. Each unit has 10 individual push-to-talk buttons allowing selection of destination as well as a talk-to-all-stations feature. Incoming talkback illuminates the sender’s butt..
Brand: Anchor Audio Model: MAN-40D
AnchorMAN MAN-40D PACKAGE TALKBACK SYSTEMThe AnchorMAN wireless intercom system is a new wireless intercom system that provides unprecedented ease of use and flexibility. Designed for portability, this patent-pending and FCC-approved wireless intercom require no base station to function. Each b..
Brand: BOSCH Model: LBB4540/04
The BOSCH LBB4540/04, along with the included LBB3442 headphones, offers a comprehensive solution for multilingual audio applications. This pocket receiver is designed to cater to scenarios where users require access to content in multiple languages or need simultaneous translation. BOSCH L..
Brand: BOSCH Model: LBB4540/04
The BOSCH LBB4540/04 is a specialized pocket receiver designed for multilingual audio applications. This compact device is intended for situations where listeners need access to content in multiple languages or where simultaneous translation is required.Key features of the LBB4540/04 include ..
Brand: Clear-Com Model: ICS-1008
The ICS-1018 is 1-RU digital intercom stations for use with Matrix Plus 3 digital intercom systems. The ICS-1016 features 32 pushbutton keys that can be programmed for talk, listen, or talk-with-listen. The ICS-1008 has 16 keys.  A full-range, integral speaker with volume control permits monito..
Clear-Com 110/490 110 Series Gooseneck Microphones Clear-Com 110/490 110 Series Gooseneck Microphones
Out Of Stock
Brand: Clear-Com Model: 110/490
Clear-Com 110/490 110 Series Gooseneck Microphones 110 Series of Gooseneck Condenser MicrophonesExcellent frequency responseSupplied with threaded 3 pin male DIN connectors and windscreensAvailable in three sizes: 3.9”, 13.4”, 19.3”Compatible with HelixNet Partyline Systems..
Brand: Clear-Com Model: 4920
Clear-Com 4000 series 9RU chassis with2x     MPC-PDE4642B4x     DMC-PDE3601B4x    CODEC-PDE46312x    Hique-PDE4649B4x     PSUThe Clear-Com Drake 4920 Series matrix comprises a..
Brand: Clear-Com Model: cel-base
Clear-Com cell-base cellcom base station wireless intercom CellCom 10CellCom 10 uniquely blends digital matrix technology with a locally distributed wireless “network”—operating license-free in the 1.9 GHz frequency band using DECT technology, the international standard accepted by more than 100 cou..
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