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Sony HDCAM player

Sony HDCAM Player is a prestigious mainstream product for your program production. The company being in the telecom and mainstream industry for decades provides a lot of innovative devices for the next generation. Sony recognizes the needs of current market standards and always deliver next-gen technology. Because of the development of the current era, the company has provided with many mainstream multi-format high definition products including HDCAM and HD Cam recorder. The Sony HDCAM player is mostly used in the production section including movies, live television programs, and commercial areas. The HDCAM uses intra-frame compression using a standard ratio of 7:1. Depending on the product selection, you'll get 4+ channels each having different digital audio frequency and resolution.

Sony HDCAM recorder

The Sony HDCAM recorder is a pioneer bandwidth device used as a conjunction between different company's live recording devices. This includes CCTV cameras, output channels, and other high-definition programs ingest. It uses different formats as a recording medium with top of the line quality solution, demanding the most cinematography in any relevant device. The standard of the recording is set to 720p and 1080p including 3F HDSDI support. This technology is fairly popular with extended network capability for your production workflow.

Sony DigiBeta player

The Sony Digital Beta Player is a compact device used as a feeder for NL editing playbacks. It is equipped with versatile technology and supports multiple formats as per today's standards. The compact Digibeta player design is ideal for desktop usage. It also accommodates both small and large cassettes. Depending on the product, you will receive a remote control interface that you can use to change the feeding source from the coming medium.

Sony DigiBeta Recorder

The Sony Digital Beta recorder is used as the same purpose as HDCam recorder, the only difference is that it supports more digital formats. The device is highly compatible with digital broadcasting, computer graphics, games, and other programs. The device is capable to support 1080p resolution by up to 4:2:2 ratio. This makes the recording experience more crisp and sharp without wasting any bandwidth. Bs broadcast deals in all sorts of Sony HDCam recorder/player and Digi Beta player/recorder. Whatever network capability requirement you have in mind, the equipment will deliver the best possible results in the highest resolution supported.The legacy playback, 3G-SDI, 4K support, Internal Format conversion, and Easy management are some of the highlighted features Sony provides in their products lineup.

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Brand: 360 Systems Model: RC-220
The RC-220 Mini Keyboard provides remote access to all DigiCart functions, plus the full range of up to 104 PRESETS. The RC-220 also allows use of the FIND function for Cut and Stack Names and Indexes. The RC-220 functions in the same manner as a standard AT-type 101 keyboard but does..
ATOMOS SHOGUN STUDIO dual 12G 6G 3G 4K Monitor Recorder ATOMOS SHOGUN STUDIO dual 12G 6G 3G 4K Monitor Recorder
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Building on the architecture of the Shogun platform, the ATOMOS SHOGUN STUDIO leverages the features and functions found on cameras to build them into your rack. Harnessing the latest 4K/HD recorder, monitor and playback technologies the Shogun Studio offers a feature set that will help facilities..
Brand: Blackmagic Design Model: Studio 2
The Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio 2 stands as a stalwart in professional video production, offering a comprehensive suite of features for recording, playing back, and managing top-tier video content. Engineered for versatility, it accommodates various video formats, including uncompressed 1..
Brand: Blackmagic Design Model: HyperDeck Studio Pro 2
Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Pro 2Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Pro 2 is a file-based deck that features the same functionality and control of professional tape decks. It records uncompressed video with 4:2:2 color sampling at 10-bit in .mov format, and also records video using eithe..
Brand: Datavideo Model: MP-6000
The Datavideo MP-6000 is a standalone DVD recorder that uses both DVD+R and DVD+RW media. Create discs using the standard MPEG-2 codec from a variety of sources, such as VCRS and NLEs. Select bitrate level from the control panel to toggle between image quality and run time. MPEG-2 TechnologyThe..
Brand: Harris Model: ES-450
The JLCooper ES-450 J2 RS-422 Dual Channel Jog/Shuttle Remote is an independent machine controller with a dual channel RS-422 interface for controlling 2 VTRs (video-tape recorders), DDRs (direct-to-disc recorders) or server channels. It is ideal for professional and semi-professional VTRs..
Brand: Harris Model: JSC-2
The Harris J/S Control panel (JSC-2 panel) provides basic transport and jog/shuttle controls in a compact desktop unit. This panel gives operators a choice in controlling ingest environments by providing desktop device transport button control in addition to an automation’s Device Control Interfa..
Brand: SONY Model: SRW-5800
HDCAM SRW-5800 HD digital video cassette recorder tape hours 865 with HKSR 5802The SRW-5800 HDCAM-SR Studio Recorder is Sony top of the-line full-bandwidth VTR. The deck is used in conjunction with the company's CineAlta line of cameras, to deliver the pinnacle in high-definition program in..
Brand: Hi Tech Systems Model: HT445
Hi Tech Systems HT445 actiV Filer Server ControllerHi Tech Systems has developed a system of highly configurable control panels, called “asigN”, which can be connected to a wide range of equipment to provide push button switch control as an alternative to computer keyboards and mice. Using an opt..
Brand: Hi Tech Systems Model: HT884
The Hi Tech HT800 series of VTR and DDR controllers provide a user-friendly remote control interface for professional and broadcast videotape and disk recorders. As of software version 4.00, a new type of wheel has been fitted. This now improves the overall performance of the controller. Jog/Shu..
The STUDIO PRO REPLAY is the ideal solution for broadcast delay, Slow-Motion sports replay, and event time-shift applications. The unit’s professional video & audio connections and familiar VTR-style front panel controls - including a video confidence monitor - ensure the highest quality digital..
Panasonic AG 7750 -  S-VHS Editing VCR Panasonic AG 7750 -  S-VHS Editing VCR
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Brand: Panasonic Model: AG-7750-E
The AG-7750 S-VHS Editing VCR maximizes S-VHS picture quality with special amorphous video heads, built-in digital TBC/DNR, and 3 lines "logical" comb filter: Its 10 Mechanism and AI capstan servo provide outstanding reliability and rapid response for quick access and editing accuracy. An RS-422 int..
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