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Brand: shure Model: SCM810
Shure SCM810 and SCM410 automatic mixers are the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to set up a multiple-mic room. Without clipping a syllable, they silently activate only the microphones being addressed and automatically adjust each microphone’s threshold to changes in background noise..
Brand: shure Model: 90A21367
The Shure UABIAST is an in-line adapter that provides 12V DC Bias power to an active antenna or in-line accessory when a receiver's antenna input jack does not provide the necessary power. The UABIAST receives power from a wall outlet using a Shure PS24 power supply, and passes the RF signal while..
Brand: shure Model: FP33
The Shure FP33 is a three-input, two-output portable stereo mixer designed for professional electronic news gathering (ENG), electronic field production (EFP) and on-location film production. The FP33 mixer sets a new standard for portable mixer performance and features. An exceptionally low-no..
Brand: shure Model: GM 6523
SHURE Gooseneck Microphone GM 6523 for DCS 6000 Digital Conference System NEWThese conference microphones are a series of high performance condenser microphones carefully developed to fit the DIS conference microphone units and interpreter sets. The conference microphones feature a cardioid s..
Brand: shure Model: U1-R7
The Shure U1/U1L Body-Pack UHF Transmitter is a microprocessor- controlled body-pack transmitter operating in the UHF frequency range. This product is intended for use in high-end installed sound, rental, and concert sound applications...
Brand: shure Model: PGA58-XLR-E
SHURE PGA58-XLR-E Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone NEWThe PGA58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone is a professional quality microphone featuring highly durable design and construction that delivers excellent sound. Ideal for use in lead and backup vocal performance applications, the PGA58 comes with an on/o..
Brand: shure Model: UA845E
The Shure Model UA845 is an amplified, UHF Antenna Distribution System that expands a wireless microphone system by splitting one pair of antennas to multiple Shure UR4 or Shure ULX4 wireless receivers. It also amplifies RF signals to compensate for insertion loss due to splitting signal power to mu..
Shure UA860SWB Passive Omnidirectional Antenna
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Brand: shure Model: UA860SWB
Passive wide band UHF omnidirectional dipole antenna (470–1100 Mhz). The UA860SWB is weather resistant and suitable for temporary outdoor use. However, long-term exposure to moisture should be avoided. The UA860SWB is weather resistant and suitable for temporary outdoor use. However, long-term ..
Brand: shure Model: U4D-R7
SHURE UHF MK2 Wireless System R7 Wireless Microphone System uses the latest wireless technology, delivers outstanding audio clarity, and is rugged and reliable. It is easy to set up and operate with advanced features for professional installations requiring multiple wireless microphone systems. w..
Brand: shure Model: UP4 UC1-UA
The Shure UP Wireless System is a portable, frequency-agile, diversity wireless system operating in the UHF band. The UP4 receiver is easily mounted to a Sony video camera or any video camera with an Anton-Bauer battery pack. The UP4 is compatible with both Shure UC and UHF Series microphones an..
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Brand: shure Model: UR2/BETA58=-H4E
SHURE UR2/BETA58 with H4E 518-578 MHz MICROPHONES TRANSMITTER NEWan interchangeable BETA 58A microphone cartridge, the UR2/BETA58A features rugged, lightweight construction and an antenna design which advances RF transmission reliability.Works with UHF-R® Wireless SystemsOffers up to 9.5 hours of ..
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