Brand - Quintech Electronics

Quintech Electronics is a leading manufacturer of RF signal management equipment. Quintech produces RF matrix switches, routers, lab management and automation software, redundancy switches, relay switches, splitters, combiners, amplifiers, and DC powering products. These products are available for wireless, L-band, IF, and broadband frequencies that are used in Satellite, Broadcast, Government/Military, and Wireless Test & Measurement Markets for RF content distribution.


Below are Quintech stock with BS broadcast


LS04 2150 A/2 AIR

LS08 2150A

LS12 2150A 1FVA000

LS16 2150A

LS4 2150 A/2 AIR

LS4 2150/4x16A

LS4 2150A/2

LS4 2150A/4X16A

LS8 2150A


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