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Brand: ANDREW Model: ADU
The Andrew ADU (Antenna Drive Unit) is an integral component of a satellite communication system responsible for controlling the movement and positioning of satellite antennas. In the context of Andrew Corporation (now part of CommScope), the ADU is designed to precisely adjust azimuth and eleva..
Model: 900-421
The 900-421 masthead amplifier serves as a signal booster specifically targeted for the frequency band of 800 to 844 MHz. Its primary function is to amplify incoming signals within this range, typically utilized in various communication systems such as certain cellular networks, radio communicat..
ADH NETCOM automatic Air Dehydrator with Ethernet Communications. pno 23437 ADH NETCOM automatic Air Dehydrator with Ethernet Communications. pno 23437
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ADH NETCOM automatic Air Dehydrator with Ethernet Communications. pno 23437 Automatic Air Dehydrator with Ethernet Communications MODEL ADH NETCOM  FEATURES & BENEFITS ..
ADVENT Antenna Control Unit with Flight cases 	ACU5000
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Brand: Advent Model: ACU5000
The ACU5000 is an antenna control unit designed to operate with VISLINK’s range of motorised antenna systems.The unit provides user friendly 3 speed motor control of azimuth, elevation and polarisation axis as well as automatic stow and deploy functions The ACU5000 comes with the option of i..
Brand: Alcad Model: MU-641
The Alcad MU-641 Cascadable Multiswitch is a versatile device used in distributing satellite signals efficiently to multiple users or receivers. Its cascading capability allows seamless expansion by connecting multiple units together, offering scalability in signal distribution setups. Ideal for..
Brand: Alcad Model: UE-003
The ALCAD UE-003 912 series LNB (Low-Noise Block Downconverter) appears to be a specific model or part of ALCAD's product lineup designed for satellite signal reception.Key information about the ALCAD UE-003 912 series LNB:Product Series: Belongs to the ALCAD UE-003 912 series of LNBs, which migh..
Brand: ANDREW Model: APC100
The Andrew APC100 is a programmable antenna controller used in satellite communication systems and other applications where precise antenna positioning is crucial. It's designed to control the movement and positioning of antennas, ensuring accurate alignment with satellites or specific signal so..
Brand: Apexsat Model: APS 500
The Apexsat APS 500 and APS 500+ can be configured as a multi-functional device with Web access , monitor, spectrum analyser and tracking. This advanced Single Cable Antenna Positioning system is unique Antenna Motorization Controller incorporating a Touchscreen based Antenna Control Unit (ACU) conn..
Brand: ATM Model: P215C2
The ATM P215C2 is a model of professional loudspeaker designed for audio reproduction in various settings, particularly for live sound reinforcement and professional audio applications..
Brand: ATM Model: P415
The ATM P415 Power Divider Combiner operates within the frequency range of 4.0 to 8.0 GHz and serves a crucial role in RF (Radio Frequency) systems. As a specialized component, it's designed to split an input signal into multiple output signals (power divider function) or combine multiple input ..
Brand: ATM Model: P415C1
The ATM P415C1 Power Divider Combiner operates within the frequency range of 3.65 to 4.3 GHz, playing a crucial role in managing RF (Radio Frequency) signals within this specific frequency spectrum. This specialized component serves two primary functions: it can split an input signal into multip..
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