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Brand: TSL Model: UMD-PSU22
The UMD-PSU22 is a 19” 2RU unit which provides 240 Watts of power, mnemonic and serial tally distribution for typically up to a maximum of 96 S8C / D8C displays. The unit may be ordered or upgraded with a second 240 Watt PSU which will provide 100% redundancy in the event of an internal power sup..
Brand: TSL Model: MDU 14-CO
Power change over mains distribution unit, 14 way, dual input change over and cable tie bar.Features:14 way fused IEC outlets Dual input seamless auto changeover Master input setup button with dual tri colour status LEDs Input status monitoring GPO on rear D9 connector Tri-colour LED i..
Brand: TSL Model: ACU1-8
The ACU1-8 is a 1RU x 160mm deep Audio Control Unit with two D type sockets to allow connection between either a TSL AMU2-8HD Dolby unit or another commercial unit. When used with the TSL AMU2-8HD Dolby unit the Volume and DIM/CUT facilities may be remoted.The following features are standard: ..
Brand: TSL Model: AMU1-BHD
TSL AMU1-BHDThe AMU1-BHD is a full rack 1RU x 350mm deep Audio Monitoring Unit with aTSL Bargraph.The following features are standard:• One HD/SDV auto sensing input.• Two AES/EBU inputs.• Four switch selectable stereo analogue inputs.• One TSL Stereo High resolution 106 segment Bargraph Meter..• Ph..
Brand: TSL Model: AMU2-2MA
The AMU2-2MA MKIII is a 2RU x 300mm deep Audio Monitoring Unit with Sifam PPM or VU meters.The TSL AMU2-2MA is a 2RU x 300mm deep Audio Monitoring Unit with Sifam PPM or VU meters. The following features are standard: Two Sifam 32 style meters. Eight switch selectable stereo analogue in..
Brand: TSL Model: AMU2-2MHD
The TSL AMU2-2MHD+ is a full rack 2RU x 310mm deep Audio Monitoring Unit with two Sifam moving coil meters.The following features are standard: • Two HD/SDV auto sensing input with Group select. • Four AES/EBU inputs. • Two switch selectable stereo analogue inputs. • Two Sifam 32 moving coil me..
Brand: TSL Model: AMU2-2MHD+
The AMU2-2MHD+ is a full rack 2RU x 310mm deep Audio Monitoring Unit with two Sifam moving coil meters. TSL AMU2-2MHD+ DEEP AUDIO MONITORING UNIT is in stock with bs broadcast Two HD/SDV auto sensing input with Group select.Four AES/EBU inputs.Two switch selectable stereo analogue inputs.T..
Brand: TSL Model: AMU2-4M
Particularly useful for dual-language stereo audio monitoring, TSL has responded to market demands by developing a range of high quality 4 channel audio monitoring solutions. Both high resolution bargraphs and sifam 32 style meters are available.TSL AMU2-4M have the below features • Fou..
Brand: TSL Model: AMU2-8HD
TSL AMU2-8HD AUDIO MONITORING UNITThe TSL AMU2-8HD Audio Monitoring Unit is a professional audio monitoring device designed for use in television broadcasting and post-production environments. It allows engineers and operators to monitor audio signals from multiple sources, providing a high degr..
Brand: TSL Model: AMU2-8HD+
TSL AMU2-8HD+ AUDIO MONITORING UNIT is Designed for use anywhere in an HD broadcast chain, the AVMU2-3G is capable of decoding all standards up to and including 1080p 60/59.94/50Hz. The provision of a 16:9 LCD display and built in loudspeakers ensures the AVMU2 3G is equally at home in the rack r..
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