Swedish Wahlberg & Selin NTC/2062/Zx DVB Satellite Modulator FREQ 3631/AZ

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Swedish Wahlberg & Selin NTC/2062/Zx DVB Satellite Modulator FREQ 3631/AZ

The Universal 1.5/60 Mbaud Satellite Modulator/Converter (NTC/2062/Zx) and the Demodulator (NTC/2063/xF) are compatible with DVB-S (EN 300421) and DVB-DSNG (prEN 301210). The IFL input range from 920 to 2150 MHz is compatible with commercial LNBs, which are suitable for data communication. Optionally, an IF interface from 104 to 176 MHz can be provided (NTC/2063/IF). This IF interface extends from 52 to 176 MHz for Baud rates up to 30 Mbaud.

The data interface options to be ordered are : the coaxial ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface), G703 interfaces, SPI/RS422 or HSSI (High Speed Serial Interface). The very compact equipment is specially adapted for unidirectional digital TV transmissions. All control and monitoring parameters are available locally on the frontpanel (LCD display and keyboard) and remotely via an RS485 interface (or RS232). A summary alarm contact output is available for station alarm monitoring.

Technical Details

o DVB-S compliant (EN 300421) and DVB-DSNG compliant (EN 301210), except 16QAM-7/8

o Data interface: See options: SPI, RS422, ASI, G703, HSSI

o Specially adapted for unidirectional digital TV transmissions

o 8PSK and 16QAM mode for low satellite cost o Baud rate : range 1.41- 45 Mbaud

o Interface rate : in range 1.3 to 110 Mbit/s, depending on selected baud rate

o IFL : 920-2150 MHz or IF : 52 to 176 MHz

o Excellent performance in combination with Satellite Modulator (NTC/2062/Zx)

o Local & Remote (RS485) Monitoring & Control

o Very compact (height : 8.8 cm !)

o Highly reliable design

o Low cost 

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