Avcom MSA-4570E Microwave Spectrum Analyzer and Display Monitor

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Avcom MSA-4570E Microwave Spectrum Analyzer and Display Monitor

MSA-4570E Spectrum Analyzer and Display Monitor provides the optimum use of rack mount space for the mobile communications vehicle or fixed installation. In the 950-2150 MHz input posi- tion the MSA-4570E displays the L-Band satellite signals for ease of identification of the satellite and maximizing the signal strength. A precision rotary encoder continuously tunes the entire bandwidth of the analyzer for a quick and accurate display. Display response to varying signal conditions is instantaneous.

IF Monitor

In the 50-200 MHz (IF) input position the Spectrum Display is continuously tunable for applications such as monitoring satellite receiver or uplink exciter IFs. This allows a quick A to B comparison of your actual downlink signal and your upconverter IF output with a simple front panel flip of a switch.

User Friendly Options!

The MSA-4570E uses convenient function keys that enable easy selection of options, including positionable “onscreen” reference line, memory save/recall, peak hold, find/ride peak and center frequency readout, start/stop and span width measurement. Spacecraft “footprints” can be stored in up to 50 user memories, and displayed from the real-time display to compare! Looking for a cost effective, yet higher-end replacement to the Tek 1705? The PSA-4570D is the answer.

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