YELLOWTEC B-line Digital Dual Hybrid and Phone System

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b-line XT allows the forwarding of telephone calls to analog and digital Audio interfaces.

The connection to the telephone network can be established either via two analog POTS interfaces or an ISDN interface or optionally via a LAN interface for Voice-over-IP.

To optimize the caller signal each caller line has implemented its own digital Echo Canceller (approx. up to 100 msec), AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and Expander.

The configuration of the system can be made via the Talkmaster XT ® Soft-ware included in delivery or via the front keypad of the unit. Optionally, up to two b-line, XT Keypads can be connected to operate the telephone hybrid without a PC. b-line XT also provides four TTL inputs/outputs and two Re-lays for external control.

With additional Talkmaster XT ® software licenses up to three PC workstations can be implemented, e.g. for Screener - Presenter applications.

Technical Details

b-line XT incorporates two POTS interfaces, an ISDN interface, and a LAN interface. The operating mode can be set with the help of the Taskmaster XT ® Software or the front keypad and display. In each operating mode, two independent telephone hybrids are available within one system (channel 1 and channel 2).

The complete signal processing is taken over by a digital signal processor. In this way the following functions are carried out:

–  G.711 Audio encoding and decoding

–  two independent Echo Cancellers for each line

–  two independent AGCs (Automatic Gain Control)

–  two independent Expanders

– control of the complete system (Keypad, Display, Relay, TTL, RS232, LAN)

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