XTA DS800 Active 8x32 Mic/Line Audio Distribution System

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The XTA DS800 Mic / Line Distribution System is a high quality active distribution / splitter unit containing eight channels of processing in 2U of rack space. Each channel features one actively balanced input and a total of four outputs, two of which are individually actively balanced and normally connected to Front Of House and Stage Monitor consoles. The two remaining outputs are transformer isolated and located on the front panel of the unit. These are typically used as broadcasting or recording feeds. A maximum of 50dB gain is available via the five position Gain switch. This allows sufficient gain to be applied to low level signals, such as dynamic microphones, to avoid the poor noise performance often associated with active mic splitters. Phantom power (48VDC) is provided, and is switchable to each input by selecting 'Phantom Power' on the front panel. The XTA DS800 is designed to reduce system grounding problems; please refer to the 'System Grounding' section further on in this manual for more information.


Technical Details

1.Isolated Outputs – two identical transformer balanced outputs featuring high voltage isolation, for use as broadcast or recording feeds or wherever independent outputs are required. These connections are wired as follows :- Pin 1 = No Connection, Pin 2 = Hot, Pin 3 = Cold.

2.As Above.

3.Gain Switch – sets the channel gain to +10dB, +20dB, +30dB, +40dB or +50dB. See Mic/Line switch below.

4.Mic/Line – when in the ‘Line’ position the input is padded by 20dB and the input impeadance changes to >10k Ohms.

5.48V – when selected applies 48V phantom power to the input XLR, for condenser microphones or D.I. boxes. The LED is lit when active.

6.Meter – 5 segment level meter showing the level below clipping. Note: the red LED lights up 6dB’s below actual clipping with a sine wave.

7.Listen – when selected the channel will be summed on to the ‘Solo’ bus, which is routed to the headphone socket and ‘Solo Out’ XLR.

8.Pad (-10dB) – indicates 48V phantom power detected on the output ‘Mon’ XLR, which will automactically switch in a 10dB pad on the channel.

9.Headphone Level – controls the level of the headphone output.

10.Headphone Socket.

11.Power – power indicator.


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