WorldNet Tokyo apt-X Enhanced apt-X Audio Codec

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The WorldNet Tokyo is a multi-algorithm, full-duplex, stereo audio ISDN codec offering all popular coding algorithms, including Standard 16 bit apt-X™, Enhanced 16, 20 & 24 bit apt-X™, MPEG 1 and 2 Layer II / Layer III (MP3), G.711, G.722 and MPEG 2 AAC. With this unique feature set, the WorldNet Tokyo guarantees connectivity to all established ISDN audio codecs. In the past, broadcasters had to make difficult choices when deciding which ISDN the codec to buy, as no single codec offered full compatibility between the various standards.

The introduction of the WorldNet Tokyo addresses this issue, thus solving both compatibility and financial dilemmas in one single unit. The WorldNet Tokyo ensures connection and synchronisation to all popular ISDN codecs, regardless if the unit is an APT codec such as the DSM100/Pro-Link, WorldNet Milano, DRT128 or BCF384 or whether it is a third party codec such as the Telos Zephyr or CCS CDQ Prima®. A key feature of the WorldNet Tokyo is that it incorporates Standard and Enhanced apt-X™ compression algorithms.

The apt-X™ algorithm is the defacto standard across the professional audio industry and is in daily use throughout the world delivering superior audio quality over countless networks. A real time digital audio data reduction system, Standard and Enhanced apt-X™ compress audio samples by a factor of 4:1 with no perceptive audible degradation and a negligible coding delay of sub 2 milliseconds at 48kHz. Offering resilience to multiple coding, the apt-X™ algorithms overcome the problems associated with multiple psycho-acoustic passes of audio in the broadcast chain.


Technical Details

        • Popular compression algorithms i.e. Standard apt-XTM,
        • Enhanced 16, 20 & 24 bit apt-XTM, G.711, G.722,
        • MPEG Layer II, MPEG Layer III and AAC.
        • MUCAS and J.52 Inverse Multiplexing bonding algorithms.
        • Compatibility with all APT codecs i.e. WorldNet Milano,
        • DSM100/Pro-Link, DRT128, BCF.
        • Dual Destination i.e. simultaneous connection to separate destinations.
        • Compatibility with CCS CDQ Prima®, RoadRunner,
        • Telos Zephyr, Dialog 4 MusikTaxi, AETA or AEQ codecs.
        • Independent Send/Receive modes.
        • Bandwidths from 20Hz through to 22.5kHz
        • offering AM, FM and DAB audio quality.
        • Up to 4 x ISDN BRI i.e. 512kBit/s.
        • Analog and AES/EBU Inputs / Outputs.
        • AES/EBU Reference Input.
        • RS232 Ancillary Data for RDS.
        • 4 TTL Inputs/Outputs for remote control.
        • LCD 128x 64
        • Navigation keys.
        • Headphone Outputs.
        • Control via RS232, IP or Internet (http). 

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