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Analog 2 Channel In-Rack Professional Level Metering System

Wohler - LM60-2
Wohler - LM60-2
Wohler - LM60-2
Wohler - LM60-2
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Wohler - LM60-2
Wohler - LM60-2
Wohler - LM60-2
Wohler - LM60-2
Analog 2 Channel In-Rack Professional Level Metering System
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  • Code: BS18178
  • Model: LM60-2

Wohler LM Series of Analog, EBU digital, SDI and Dolby Digital audio level meters are now available with a choice of BBC, DIN, Nordic and VU scales and “PPM Only” has also been added to the user-selectable options. These changes were requested by our customers if you don't see what you are looking for please do contact us and we'll be glad to help.

Wohler professional level meters are available with 26, 53 or 106 segment bar-graphs, providing very high resolution and a wide (>70dB usable) dynamic range in increments as small as 1/2 dB across mid-scale. We also produce level meters containing large segment LEDs with 30 and 60 segments, optimized for viewing from a distance.Versions are available for Analog, AES/EBU Digital, SDI and Dolby Digital sources providing from 2 to 32 channels simultaneously depending on the model, and are available as 1U or 2U in-rack units. New versions are available requiring only one half-rack space.

Our unique tri-color LED design means we can offer an almost unlimited variety of options such as Phase Correlation, Peak Hold, Loudness, Sum & Difference, and alternate scales & color mappings.

The standard display mode is set as a single segment PPM “dot” above a VU bar; each segment’s color is fixed according to its position on the scale.

Level calibration for analog input versions and scale color transition points (“color mask”) for digital input versions may be set via dip switches to select one of four different calibration levels (for analog input types) or color mask (for digital input types) via DIP switch settings.

Ideally suited for use in VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, teleconferencing installations, multimedia systems, satellite link and cable TV facilities and on-air radio studios, built and rigorously tested in the USA, the Wohler LM series of professional-level meters are backed by a strong warranty and a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” return policy.

 Wohler LM60-2 Rackmount Analog 2-Channel 60-Segment Large Segment Bargraph Level Meter 1RU

Technical Details

  • Analog 2 Channel In-Rack Professional Level Metering System Only 1U of Rack Space
  • 2 Large Segment 60 Segment Tri-Color LED Bargraphs Ideal for Distance Viewing
  • Simultaneous VU (bar) and PPM (dot) Bargraph Display Ballistics Simultaneous Visual Monitoring of all Channels
  • 2 Phoenix Input Connectors as Standard, XLR Connectors also Available Industry Leading Wide Dynamic Range
  • 0.5 dB Midscale Resolution Custom Variations of Standard Scales and/or Color Masks Available on Request
  • Adjustable Bargraph Brightness via Front Panel Control
  • Power Indicator LED
  • Quick and Simple Installation
  • CE and UL approved 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz Universal
  • Power Input