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Wohler AMP2-VSA 2U Digital Audio Speaker Monitor

Wohler - AMP2-VSA
Wohler - AMP2-VSA
Wohler - AMP2-VSA
Wohler - AMP2-VSA
Wohler - AMP2-VSA
Wohler - AMP2-VSA
Wohler - AMP2-VSA
Wohler - AMP2-VSA
Wohler AMP2-VSA 2U Digital Audio Speaker Monitor
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  • Model: AMP2-VSA

Wohler AMP2-VSA are monitors capable of audibly monitoring up to four source channels de-embedded from an industry-standard SDI bitstream through a stereo speaker system while simultaneously visually monitoring all four channels of the selected source via four high-resolution 53-segment LED bar graph level meters. Both models will monitor industry-standard SDI digital audio signals, while the AMP2-VSA is also capable of processing up to four analog audio signals. Two banks of four buttons on the front panel are used to independently assign from one to four (summed) channels to each of the two speaker channels (left and right).  SDI signal status is indicated by one bi-color (red/green) LED. Features include volume and balance controls, power indication LED, and headphone output. Output limiter circuits are incorporated to protect the speakers, and extensive magnetic shielding allows placement immediately adjacent to video monitors with no color impurities. 

Wohler Technologies proprietary three-LED stereo phase indication feature allows visual monitoring of phase relationships of the signals assigned to the left and right speaker channels. The rear panel features an SDI input and loop-through on BNC connectors, four analog outputs (converted from the SDI input) on Phoenix connectors, and a stereo analog the output of the channels assigned to the left and right speakers on two balanced XLR connectors. The AMP2-VSA additionally features four analog inputs on balanced female XLR connectors and a front panel switch for selection between SDI and analog inputs. All AMP2 Series units contain three audiophile-quality drivers and three power amplifiers; two amplifiers (and two speakers) that reproduce midrange and high-frequency information in stereo, and a third amp/driver combination (and speaker) that handles summed Low Frequency (LF) the information below the 500 Hz crossover point. 

The unique audio design of these monitors has two important advantages.  First, it provides optimally focused sound in an Ultra Near Field tm (1 to 3 feet) environment.  This allows higher SPL for the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk. Second, electronic rather than acoustic cancellation of bass frequencies provides positive audible detection of reversed polarity (“out of phase”) audio feeds.

Technical Details

• 104 dB SPL at two feet

• Only two rack spaces high

• Excellent high-frequency response for positive detection of background whine and noise

• Audible and visual indication of phase/polarity problems

• Thorough magnetic shielding for placement next to the video monitors

• Four 53-segment high-resolution tri-color bar graph level meters with: -Selectable Input Reference Level (0, +4, +6, or +8 dBu) -Selectable Display Mode (VU Only, VU/PPM, or PPM Only) -Selectable Peak Hold (Manual, 3-Second, 10-Second, or Off) -Selectable PPM Ballistics (Type I, Type II, DIN 45406, or SSRT) 

-Selectable alternate Bargraph Scales (Extended VU, VU, BBC, NORDIC, or DIN) 

-Selectable Phase Correlation feature

• SDI input and loop-through on unbalanced BNC connectors

• Four analog inputs on balanced XLR connectors (-VSA only)

• Four analog outputs (converted from SDI input) on Phoenix

• Stereo analog output of the channels monitored by the left and right speakers on two balanced XLR connectors

• Two banks of four pushbuttons for assigning single or summed channels to the left and right speaker

• Select SDI or analog inputs via toggle switch (-VSA only)

• One SDI signal status/error indication LED

• Headphone output

• Power indication LED

• Volume control

• Balance control