Wohler AMP1A-SVC 2 Channel Analog Audio Monitor 1RU

  • $800.00

  • Brand: Wohler
  • Model Number: AMP1A-SVC
  • Product Code: BS18176
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Wohler AMP1A-SVC 2 Channel Analog Audio Monitor 1RU 253883-01. The AMP1A Series of audio monitors provides self-powered, fullfidelity stereo monitoring in the smallest rack space possible

Separate channel volume controls (SVC Option)

All models in the wohler AMP1A series contain four high performance transducers driven by three power amplifiers: two amplifier/driver combinations handle midrange and high frequency information in stereo, while the third center channel reproduces information below the 500 Hz crossover point through dual woofers. All AMP-1A analog audio models come equipped with stereo volume and balance potentiometers, a power indication LED, and a headphone output. Output limiter circuits are incorporated to protect the speakers, and extensive magnetic shielding allows placement immediately adjacent to video monitors with no color impurities.

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