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VORTEX timelord-lite master clock

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VORTEX timelord-lite master clock
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  • Code: BS18380
  • Model: timelord-lite

The TimeLord Lite Atomic-locked Master Time Source is an entry-level master clock designed to drive digital displays and provide accurate time data for video servers and timestamping equipment. It is housed in a 1-U rackmount enclosure with integral mains power supply and is battery-backed to keep the logic running in case of mains failure. There are 15 internal time zones with individual seasonal daylight saving information already programmed for the next hundred years or so, and the logic is battery-backed in case of mains failure. The 482 Time/Date code output is used to reference digital clocks, day/date and multi-zone displays from the established V-400A series.

The TimeLord Lite may be synchronized to an off-air atomic reference, automatically maintaining the correct time throughout the year. GPS (satellite), MSF (Rugby) or DCF (Frankfurt) receivers are available. The GPS system consists of an active antenna plus receiver/interface whilst the MSF and DCF receivers are housed in ABS IP65 boxes. The Serial time data output is designed for locking computer servers and timestamping applications, providing accurate time and date information in numerous data formats.

VORTEX timelord-lite master clock

Technical Details

Serial data signals

Serial data format

Serial data messages

Repetition rate

Serial “on-time” signal

Time Date code for V-400A digital displays Number of digital displays

Optional IRIG output

Optional EBU output

SMPTE / EBU Timecode

Serial Time/Date Data

RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 on D-9F connector

7/8 bit, even,odd or no parity, 1200 - 9600 baud

Date and/or time in various formats

1 sec, 1 min, 5 mins, 1 hour, 24 hours or on request

RS232 levels signal every second

482 Time and Date Code

15 managed time zones for single twisted pair on screw terminals Up to 50 clocks / multi-zone displays on up to1km cable

IRIG-B (B123), IRIG-E (E123), Afnor NFS 87-500,

NEMA 911, IEEE 1344 (see manual regarding

IEEE 1344 extensions implemented)

EBU Timecode

Unbalanced EBU timecode NOT video-locked, for use with self-setting analogue clocks. For video-locked timecode, please see the TimeLord which incorporates a full broadcast timecode generator system