Vocality V100 Versatile Multiplexer

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Vocality V100 Versatile Multiplexer

The Vocality V100 was originally developed to provide a broad range of multiplexer services to the fixed and mobile satellite communications user. Over time, the V100 has become a central component of hundreds of satcom networks, providing a unique mix of services and capabilities which make wide area networking more efficient or reliable over limited bandwidth or high latency links.

As with all Vocality products, the V100 offers a selection of aggregates. Simple point to point networks could utilise the integrated serial data ports, whilst Inmarsat’s GAN would make use of the V100’s optional ISDN Terminal Adapter card. Finally, the integrated 10/100 bridge/router port offers remote users connectivity to their office-based LANs, as well as the ability to use IP/UDP as the aggregate .

The main option slots offer users the ability to install a selection of service cards, such as analogue or digital voice, ISDN or serial data. The broad range of interface cards ensure that the V100 is suited to the widest range of applications. The integrated router can be augmented with the optional Performance Enhancing Proxy to ensure maximum throughput of network traffic over high latency links.

The V100 both supports the latest technology such as accelerated TCP/IP, whilst not forgetting the continuing strong demands for legacy data, voice and fax services, still prevalent in the milsatcom environments.


Technical Details

2 Main Option Slots and 1 Special Option Slot

Integrated 10/100 Base-T Router, 2 Serial Data Ports, 

Supervisor, Cascading Port

Optional Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP)

Inbuilt Wide-Ranging AC Power Supply (100 to 264V AC)

1RU 19” Chassis with Fan Cooling

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