VISTEK V6081 rack controller card

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DART is a sophisticated control system that allows relatively simple control devices, with RS232 ports, to manage a network of functional units. All the controlling devices and controlled racks, known colloquially as Nodes, are linked together by DARTnet, a proprietary protocol using CAN 2.0B as the physical layer. A separate, simpler communication protocol, DARTbus, which uses I2C as its physical layer, is used within the rack. This has the advantage that it is only each rack that is a ‘load’ on the DARTnet, rather than each module, which would severely limit the network size. The V6081 module is the hardware module that interfaces between DARTnet (CAN) and DARTbus (I2C).

DART is installed in all the Vistek modular chassis which carry the V1600 range of ‘modular products’, and comes in two sizes - the 3U V1603 or V1606 and the 1U V1601. The V1603 chassis can hold up to 11 modules with dual power supplies or up to 14 modules with a single supply. The V1603 rack uses the V1608 Rack Controller Module, which when it is fitted provides a maximum of 11 module slots with two PSUs, or 13 with a single PSU, due to the mechanical arrangements. The 1U chassis also uses the V1608 Rack Controller Module and can carry a maximum of 4 modules with or without the controller.

Technical Details

The following features are new to the V6081 rack controller. Some are described elsewhere, the remainder are described below.

  • 7-segment status display with display selectable via function switch. (See 2.2.1 Front panel display and function switch).
  • Program easily upgradable. (See 5.1 Upgrade procedure).
  • Adjustable heartbeat rate with faster default setting – controllable by user over DARTnet. (See 3.5.2 Rack controller status and control and 3.5.3 Rack controller heartbeat).
  • Adjustable refresh rate – controllable over DARTnet. (See 3.5.2 Rack controller status and control).
  • Status readback after control change. (See 3.5.2 Rack controller status and control).
  • DARTbus integrity checking. (See 3.5.2 Rack controller status and control).
  • DARTnet error handling. (See 4.1 DARTnet error handling).
  • DARTnet failed request handling. (See 4.4 DARTnet failed request handling).
  • New module clear data. (See 4.5 New module clear data).
  • Wrong module swap memory. (See 4.6 Wrong module swap memory).
  • Non-volatile RAM integrity checks. (See 4.7 Non-volatile RAM integrity checks).

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