VISTEK V1610 PSU for V1606 Rack Frame

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VISTEK V1610 PSU for V1606 Rack Frame

The V1606 chassis is designed for rack mounting into an industry standard 19” racking system conforming to IEC297-2 (BS5954). The chassis will accommodate up to 14 modules from the V1600 modular product range and an optional Rack Controller card for remote control (either the original V606 or more recent V6081 required for the newer complex modules).

The V1606 chassis may be fitted with either single or dual redundant V1610 power supplies. A single PSU chassis may be upgraded to dual redundant format by simply plugging in the second power supply. The standard V1606 chassis draws cooling air from the front and left hand side and expels air from the right hand side (as viewed from the front). For applications that have insufficient side clearance, there is a version that expels air to the rear (V1606RV). Changeover contacts presented on a rear connector provide individual indication of loss of output or cooling fan failure for each power supply.

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