Videotek VTM-200 Broadcast Multi-Format Monitor

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Videotek VTM-200 Broadcast Multi-Format Monitor

The VTM-2001 is a 19” rackmounted unit that accepts two NTSC or PAL composite video signals, two component serial digital inputs (per ITU-R BT.601 and SMPTE 259M @ 270 Mb/s) at either 50 Hz or 59.94 Hz field rates, and an external analog reference video signal.

In addition, the VTM-200 optionally accepts four analog audio stereo pairs, and four AES/EBU standard serial digital stereo pairs. The VTM-200 allows for user selection of one of the video signals, plus two of the stereo pairs, and creates RGB and sync signals suitable for driving a computer SVGA monitor at 800 x 600 pixel resolution.

The display presents the image carried by the selected video input as a real-time, full motion picture; the waveform and vector representations of that input; and the audio levels of the selected audio inputs, including phase differences between the left and right channels of each of the stereo pairs. Front panel user controls allow for various display and selection modes. An on-screen menu allows the user to set up default conditions. Additional control can be exercised through the use of a computer keyboard interface, and a GPI/TALLY connector.

Technical Details
  • Two Analog Composite and two 601 Serial Digital inputs
  • Replaces two waveform monitor/vectorscopes, an audio test set, and two video monitors
  • Dedicated buttons for all common functions
  • Versatile user configuration
  • SVGA display output
  • Zoom view on waveform Black (0 Units) and White (100 Units)
  • Zoom view on vectors each quadrant plus a center zoom for checking each color and black/white balance
  • Zoom view on audio to set 0 dB reference
  • One rack unit high
  • Universal switching power supply: 90 to 260 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz

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