V 960 DSP CARD for VADIS V888 & VADIS 212

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  • Model Number: V 960
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The DSP card V960 is equipped with 4 audio DSPs, which can be loaded with various software plug-ins. Each software plug-in occupies 1 DSP. The software plug-ins are described in separate documents.


By means of the optional DSP delay plug-in V962 the functions of the card can be upgraded with 64 additional delay channels, each of them having a maximum delay time of 682 ms. Up to 4 software plug-ins can be freely combined simultaneously on 1 V 960 DSP card, whereas up to 256 different input channels can be processed at the same time.

The following software plug-ins are available:

Mixing (S MIX)

Gain control (S GAIN)

Dynamics (S DYN)

Parametric equalizer (S PEQ)

VU and PPM meter/tone generator (S LEM)

-Provides DSP Functionality to the Varizone System

-Designed for Use in the V212C-HDD and V888 VADIS Frames

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