TWTA XTC-100D HPA controller

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  • Brand: Xicom
  • Model Number: XTC-100D
  • Product Code: BS17897
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The microprocessor-controlled XTC-100D controller provides full remote control and monitoring of the Xicom Technology antenna mount TWTAs. The front panel displays RF power, TWT status, fault logs, and operational hours. The controller is compact and requires only one rack unit (1 ¾ inch) of space from a standard 19-inch rack.

TWTA XTC-100D HPA controller

Technical Details
  • Full antenna-mount TWTA control (analog or digital M&C system)
  • Full antenna-mount TWTA status (analog or digital M&C system)
  • Digital display of TWTA operating parameters
  • Parallel (analog) or serial (digital) TWTA M&C interface
  • Two serial interface ports, RS-232 and RS-485
  • Remote control via the serial interface (RS-232 and RS-485 hardware interface)
  • One rack unit high (1 ¾ inch)

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