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TV One C2-5200 Multi-Video Format Video Processor

TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One - C2-5200
TV One C2-5200 Multi-Video Format Video Processor
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  • Code: BS20304
  • Model: C2-5200

The TV One C2-5200 Multi-Video Format Video Processor is a professional-grade device designed for processing and converting multiple video signals. It can accept various analog and digital video inputs, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, component, and composite, and output them in a variety of formats to meet different display requirements.

Not only is it a high performance Video Scaler, Up-Converter, Down[1]Converter and Multi-Format Seamless Switcher, but it goes far beyond that. It’s also a Worldwide Standards Converter, Chromakeyer, Lumakeyer, Picture-in-Picture Device, HDTV Converter, Frame Synchronizer, Time Base Corrector, Aspect Ratio Converter and a Universal Image Genlock, just to name a few.

The 9-Inputs and 4- Outputs will accommodate Composite Video, S-Video, YCbCr, YPbPr, all HDTV formats and any RGBHV resolution up to 2048x2048 - not just some predefined ones, but ANY resolution, even custom ones. Plus, the C2-5100 also has 2-Outputs for Preview (RGBHV and Composite Video) to facilitate live event switching. As a Picture-in-Picture Device, the C2-5100 Universal Video Scaler is unparalleled in its price range.

Any video input can be squeezed and placed into a window of any size and positioned anywhere on the screen. The window can be placed over any other video input as the background. The image in the window can then be seamlessly switched to another video input. The image can also be zoomed while it is in the window.

TV One C2-5200

Technical Details

  • Multiple Conversion & Scaling products in one
  • Up to 10 Multi-format Inputs and 5 Outputs
  • 2 Preview Outputs – RGBHV and Composite
  • RGBHV to 2048x2048 & All HDTV Resolutions
  • Genlock any Video Input to any other
  • SDI I/O and Genlock (C2-5200 Only)
  • AutoSet Sizing - Exclusive CORIO® feature
  • Seamless Switching with Cuts or Fades
  • Unrestricted P-I-P – Any Input over any other
  • RS-232 Interface for external control
  • CORIO2® Technology Conversion Engine
  • Auto Detect Worldwide Television Standards
  • Zoom up to 1000% with full Positioning
  • Image Shrink to 10% with full Positioning
  • Video Image Adjustment with Multiple Memory
  • Front Panel Knob, Buttons & LCD for control
  • Optional IR Remote or IP Interface