TSL Under Monitor Display System Controller SC-11

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The UMD (under monitor display) system consists of a number of display modules, positioned

under the picture monitors, controlled by a 19” 1RU remotely located System Controller, SC-11.

The System Controller distributes power and provides the control for the displays. It also carries

interfaces for routing matrices, inputs for connecting to vision mixer tallies and output drivers for

other cue lights and additional tally control.

All operational set-ups such as the router assignments, mnemonics and tally routing are

programmed with the set-up computer running Winsoft, connected to the Maintenance Port on the

System Controller. All parameters are automatically saved in a battery backed up non-volatile


The System Controller is capable of powering a maximum of 38 eight character UMD units and

addressing up to 126 units. An auxiliary 2RU power supply, the PSU-22, is required for systems

with more than about 38 displays.

The display modules are connected to the System Controller by RJ45 overall screened cable.

RJ45 splitter units are available to drive more than one display from an output port.

There are 32 tally input pins for connection to a vision mixer and 32 open collector tally output

drivers for external cue lamps. Inputs and outputs may be individually assignable to each other.

Router status and vision mixers providing serial tally information are connected by RS422 D9



Technical Details

Input Voltage                               85-132/170-264 AC auto ranging

Input Frequency                         47-63 Hz

Inrush Current                            <60A @ 230V I/P and full load

Leakage Current                         0.75mA max

Output Adjustment                    + 10% to -5%

Line Regulation                            0.8% max over input range

Load Regulation                           1.6% max for 100% load cahnge

O/P Ripple and Noise                  40mV pk-pk typical (150 mV pk-pk max)

Overload protection Operates @ >105% of rating. Auto recovery

Storage Temperature                 -20°C - +60°C

Relative Humidity                         10% - 90% non-condensing

Cooling Convection                       cooled

Safety Approvals                            UL 1950, IEC 950 and CSA 22.2 No. 234,

                                                             EN 60950


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