TSL UMD-SC-21 Under monitor display system controller

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TSL UMD-SC-21 Under monitor display system controller

This is a system that can accept a number of video sources, produce the same number of outputs but each carrying its own UMD information, in-picture. Each output will carry only one video source to one screen. Picture re-sizing is carried out to allow the correct aspect ration to be shown on either a 4:3 or 16:9 screen. The UMD data may be either superimposed on the picture or boxed in.

The IMD system is housed in a 3U high, 19“ rack unit. The rack houses two cassette-based mains power supplies. The second supply will be optional, to offer redundancy for failure protection, and both supplies will be hot-swappable against supply failures. Changeover in the event of one supply failure will be automatic.

A maximum of 16 IMD modules are housed within the rack, as plug-in cards, which mate with passive connector module cards fitted in the rear of the frame. The cards are user-installable, and are hot-swappable. Access to the modules is through a drop-down door at the front of the rack.

A single RS422 D9 connection to the tally controller is provided on each rack.

The rack, power supplies, modules and general arrangement of components is designed to meet EMC and electrical safety requirements.


Technical Details

1.Provision for two plug-in mains power supplies, each with an independent fused IEC mains inlet. The mains power supply for the IMD system is a cassette style unit to allow simple exchange in the event of a failure. In addition the dc outputs are diode protected to allow two supplies to operate in parallel within one rack to provide redundancy. Although the supplies potentially load-share, either supply will have sufficient capacity for a fully populated rack. The cassettes make use of industry standard ‘footprint’ switch-mode modules for economy and security of supply. The mains input is of universal range, 90-264Vac, 50/60Hz.

2.Housing for up to sixteen IMD cards.

3.Individual signal I/O rear panels for each IMD card. Although these would normally be factory fitted, with suitable blanking panels for unused locations, it will be possible to change/upgrade these in the field.

4.Sync locking reference BNC connector – if this facility is required.

5.Forced ventilation with temperature controlled fan(s).

6.Access to the IMD cards, and modular power supplies is through a user-accessible front panel door.


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