TallyMan UMD-PSU22 2RU power supply unit with twin dual-redundant PSUs

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  • Brand: TSL
  • Model Number: UMD-PSU22
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The UMD-PSU22 is a 19” 2RU unit which provides 240 Watts of power, mnemonic and serial tally distribution for typically up to a maximum of 96 S8C / D8C displays.

The unit may be ordered or upgraded with a second 240 Watt PSU which will provide 100% redundancy in the event of an internal power supply module unit failure. This upgrade is a straightforward plug in upgrade. The frame is fully wired to accept a second PSU.

Single PSU units have the PSU (PSU1) fitted to the LH frame and the top IEC is the power inlet connector.

This unit can provide a maximum of 96 PLU (power loading units) where one PLU is equivalent to 2.5 Watts. Note that a maximum of 240 Watts only may be drawn from the PSU-22.

In the standard, non dual-redundant unit, power (at +24V) is provided by one auto-ranging PSU (88 ~ 264V, 47/63 Hz) via a diode bridge arrangement output (to isolate the second optional PSU module) and re-settable internal fuse to the rear distribution board.

Each of the 48 RJ45 o/p connectors is rated at a maximum of 1.1Amps* ( the re-settable fuse opens at about 1.5A after approx. 90 secs).

TSL TallyMan 2RU power supply unit with twin dual-redundant PSUs

Technical Details

Single internal PSU – top IEC connector. PSU1
































Input Power:



Operating Temp












Output Power














Twin internal PSUs – both IEC connectors

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