TSL TM2 TallyMan Controller

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TSL TM2 TallyMan Controller. The TSL tally system consists of a number of displays, either discrete modules or Multiviewers / IMD (In-Picture-Display); controlled by a 19” 1RU remotely located TallyMan Controller.



The TallyMan Controller distributes power and provides the control for the displays. It also carries user-defined interfaces for routing matrices, vision mixers and output drivers for cue lights and additional tally control for cameras etc.


All operational set-ups such as the router assignments, mnemonics and tally routing are programmed with a set-up computer running another version of TallyMan normally connected to the Ethernet Port on the TallyMan Controller except in the case of the TMC-1 that is configured locally.


TSL TM2 is ideal for larger studios, OB van with several cameras that may have perhaps two mixers (SD and HD) and two or more routers as well as TSL UMD displays and/or multiviewers.


Technical Details
  • 2RU Unit
  • Single Internal PSU
  • Solid State memory
  • Directly power TSL Products UMDs via RJ45 Serial ports
  • Interfaces to all known mixers, multiviewers, routers and other standard broadcast devices
  • Parallel circuits may be set as either inputs (GP) or outputs (GPO)
  • Configurable from the TallyMan programme
  • 1 x Ethernet Port
  • 1 x RS232 Port
  • 5 x RS422 Ports
  • 16 x RJ45 UMD Connectors to power up 38 TSL 8 character displays
  • Parallel Curcuits - 128 in total
  • I/Ps: contacts to the ground
  • O/Ps open collector

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