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The TSL PAM1-3G8 offers the best sound quality and level ever obtained from a 1U box. It does this because the sonic properties have received the same attention to detail as the rest of the unit.   The PAM1-3G8 has a custom-designed woofer of extremely slim construction, despite which it out-performs many drive units built with no such constraint. The large aluminium voice coil and rare earth magnets make the unit relatively efficient and combined with the switched-mode amplifiers a remarkable sound pressure and wide frequency response can be obtained without excessive power dissipation. As a result of the efficiency, traditional techniques such as reflex ports are not needed, and the timing and phase errors these cause are eliminated. 

The sound quality could easily be compromised if the enclosure were allowed to resonate. In the PAM1-3G8 the enclosure was designed from the outset to damp unwanted vibrations. Even the grill material was selected for the most transparent sonics. It is the same material that is used to protect many of the world‟s finest microphones. 

In traditional loudspeakers, the crossover is responsible for a lot of quality loss. A crossover should produce a pair of signals which, if added back together, should recreate the original input. In most loudspeakers, this doesn‟t happen, whereas in all of TSL‟s active speakers that performance is standard. In the PAM1-3G8 the crossover is performed in the digital domain and the accuracy obtained contributes to the smooth sound and fatigue-free listening characteristics.     

Technical Details

·Dual auto-sensing, 1080p (60, 59, 94 and 50Hz), HD/SDI video inputs
·De-embedded audio monitoring from video (HD/SDI) with intuitive selection from up to sixteen channels (four groups)

·ITU BS1770/71 loudness indication (Q2 2010)
·Dolby E and D decoding from HD.SDI signal sources
·Video confidence monitoring
·Re-clocked HD/SDI with down converted SDI or composite (PAL.NTSC) video outputs selected via rear panel Config. Switch.

·Dual high resolution OLED screens for 8 bargraphs, setup and metadata display.
·Choice of user selectable bargraph scales (BBC PPM, EBU PPM, EBU Digital, Nordic and DIN)
·User programmable presets. 3 by hardware buttons, 4 GPI and 12 internal, accessible by high level

·Fixed or variable analogue multichannel outputs (8 mono) ·Fixed or variable AES multichannel outputs (4pairs) 

·Variable stereo analogue outputs
·High quality internal full range loudspeaker system
·Dual 12V DC inputs
·Serial remote control
·Headphone output with LS muting
·Compact, lightweight (3.6 Kg) 1RU case, 320mm deep


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