TSL MDU12-PM 16 Amp Power Manager as PA IP monitoring with output relays for full output control over IP networks

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  • Brand: TSL
  • Model Number: MDU12-PMi
  • Product Code: BS19351
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The MDU12 is available in both 16Amp and 32Amp versions of all models PA, PAi, PM and PMi. A full feature comparison list is available in Appendix 2.

The unit presents three control interfaces; web interface (http), SNMP interface, and the serial port on the rear of the unit.

The default IP address from the factory is, with a subnet mask of The serial port interface can be used to set a new IP configuration and also to set a user name and password (needed to access the web pages). The power must be cycled after this operation for changes to take effect. Refer to section 5 p15 for initial configuration settings.

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