TSL CTD-1S CUE Tally distributor

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  • Brand: TSL
  • Model Number: CTD-1S
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A TallyMan module may be set up which allows tally information to be routed from the transmission o/p back to the router sources and then out to cameras etc. in the event of a mixer malfunction as well as the ability to show the correct source mnemonic that is on-air. Please bear in mind that the drawings give a systems overview from the TallyMan viewpoint

TSL CTD-1S CUE Tally distributor

Technical Details

A tally set to Source 2 will switch the Emergency 2 x 1 Router to Source 2.

The non tallied state is a default to Source 1.

If Router sources are connected to the Tally Outputs of a Parallel I/O in TallyMan, tallies may be taken to cameras etc.

An external C/O switch to select between Mixer and Router O/Ps.

External Switch

This could be a simple switch or a GPI from a physical 2 x 1 router. One pole needs to carry out the External Tally control .


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