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TSL audio monitor

TSL audio monitor

Monitor speakers are designed for production systems to provide a flat frequency response so that the audio coming from the control room can be reproduced faithfully. Different constraints follow the protocols during this procedure but the basic usage is to avoid artificially treble, boosting base, or other frequencies. The software controls the attempt of the speaker to provide a good sound coming from the cabinet. If you're a producer in a production center, you want to hear a clear sound with accurate results. The mixing of different settings and the combination of own color provide a decent sound that you're looking for. You can find this technology in production centers, the music industry, and home-based project studios.

Products included in an Audio Monitor:

  • Computer Speakers: These are ordinary speakers that you attach with the base unit or your monitoring system.
  • Headphone Amplifiers: The headphone amplifiers control the audio capabilities of a production room and provide a mix of different sound based on specified values.
  • Headphones: Used in the control and production room to listen to the audio feed.
  • Personal Audio Monitoring: Used to control and adjust the frequency of a sound and provide automated results.
  • Rackmount Audio Monitors: Designed to monitor sound from the stereo line-level output.
  • Speakers Components: Facilitate the usage of an audio monitor
  • Subwoofers: Used to control the bass bosted of an audio monitoring system
TSL Audio Monitor has provided exceptional results in the field of broadcasting solution. Combining years of experience with content creators including manufacturers, designers, and producers, we have created something that has changed the market of the IT industry. We provide 100% customer satisfaction and ensures that the solution that you're looking for always satisfies your demands. Specializing in broadcast control, TSL audio monitoring , and power management tools, we have created a traditional workflow to help the customer cost by providing high-end products.

The first step in the Broadcasting Manufacturing

TSL Audio monitoring and other broadcasting products have drowned over 30 years of international system integration. With this, we have experienced ourselves to provide top-quality products at cheap rates that meet the standard of today's broadcasting industry.

Broadcast Audio Monitor:

Advancing in technology opens new possibilities for content delivery and create exciting features for future leads. Audio monitoring tools are important for a production center because it guarantees the quality and services of a standard procedure. You can display important functionalities like audio loudness measurement, level meter displays, and metadata monitoring. These are the standard of every audio monitoring system. TSL continues to wok with customers and technical staff provides a solution for uninterrupted workflows.

TSL Audio Monitoring Solutions:

  • Monitor both traditional and IP infrastructures
  • Improve efficiency when controlling a monitoring system
  • Intuitive control interface
  • Remote operation efficiency
  • Reduce error and glitch lags
  • Control the quality of services

TSL Audio Monitoring Units:

The TSL Audio monitoring units offer the best high-quality sound levels directly integrated from a 1U box. Each of the units offers a custom-designed woofer in the slim construction size, affordable for your production room. Despite having its slim design, the performance will exceed any drive unit built with no constraint.

The rare earth magnets and the aluminum voice calls make this an ideal combination for many amplifiers manufacturers. The frequency and sound pressure can be obtained without any power dissipation. Because of this, a producer is not required to use reflex ports and different types of phase and timing errors are eliminated. The crossover of audio monitoring is done through a digital domain. You will get the same sound quality and integrity of this system.

Brand: TSL Model: PAM1-3G8
The TSL PAM1-3G8 offers the best sound quality and level ever obtained from a 1U box. It does this because the sonic properties have received the same attention to detail as the rest of the unit.   The PAM1-3G8 has a custom-designed woofer of extremely slim construction, despite which i..
Brand: TSL Model: SC-11
The UMD (under monitor display) system consists of a number of display modules, positionedunder the picture monitors, controlled by a 19” 1RU remotely located System Controller, SC-11.The System Controller distributes power and provides the control for the displays. It also carriesinterfaces for rou..
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